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web site, we must understand whether the website structure of their own accord with the optimization, to give you a ten year old site, then the flash home page, such.

Hello, recently something happened to have been busy, not online, so there is no sharing articles, Zhu Weikun today to bring you another dry cargo. Write this article, just as the case show, I hope my friends can learn more through the optimization skills. For the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng orders, is a process of our Shanghai dragon industry, as long as it is to do the optimization, there must be the existence of competition, if you simply think do website content and the chain can, so it has been three months has been hovering at 50 after keywords. Only in-depth analysis of the relevant data of competitors, understand the optimization techniques of opponent, make a plan to go beyond the opponent, in accordance with their own time beyond the competitors, to optimize its website ranking into the top 5 home page! Today is to analyze the last month the optimization of the website, the website is very simple but, to explain, this website is an old domain name website, I took over two years before never entered the 100 pages, now with less than a month time, the progress done! Is a cockroach in the industry Web site, you can search for "cockroach company" is one of the main keywords. My main optimization, temporarily enter the home before 5, we will not guarantee the first single, you can enter the home page, as much as possible in the first, from the employer, on their own Is good. Here I come to the optimization and combination of cockroach website to share how he is through the analysis of the competition and make plans, to carry out their own website optimization ranking Shanghai dragon beyond


into the home site, there are a few top-level domain, there are several two level domain name, or the content page. Of course, the time to optimize the home page top level domain is 5, two is the love from Shanghai, and the two is the classification of information, a blog. The goal is to go beyond the site of top-level domain, this would not elaborate on this, the main thing is to get the first site to compare beyond, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization are used to analysis the competition domain, the domain name now for many novice in the training process, training teachers are harmonious, the basic domain name not what matters the author from the old timers over there to learn experience, the importance of the domain name should not be ignored, whether it is love or Shanghai Google, there is some given points for the domain name, if the domain name registration for ten years, certainly more than just registered to the domain name weight fraction will be more, I understand is the domain name age, is not K, not be right down, the domain name of the site to do rankings or very easy! On the home website, basically Domain names are not the author took over the optimization of website domain name for a long time, so it is quite optimistic, then began to optimize.

structure analysis of their own website