O2O is popular, last year in thinking about the Internet, this trend has not in the past, now we all walks of life are beginning to talk about O2O, what is said, or the actual operation, said too many people, ideas are, like the Internet thinking, said many people but has lost. Listen to the singing stage for a time the situation became Taiwan, Taiwan sing could really play, but the audience heard, most should be mumbo-jumbo.

You can see a lot of

, O2O is just talking about the trend, said model, rarely involving commercial things, that is to say, it is difficult to say the business mode based on the O2O, what is the business model? Is whether you use O2O formed the industrial scale and profit estimation are impossible, but you can see the O2O of this model in the future development potential.

for O2O can form a business model, it seems to be a infinitely close to the academic problem, because many people are aware of this O2O model is unlikely to exist for a long time, when the whole business line not line under the O2O, there is no meaning of existence, so, now seek out of the O2O’s business model was based on the pattern of success? This problem is for the entire O2O business system.

read the case of successful O2O, have seen the failure of the O2O case, because success is small and beautiful do alone, such as certain fruit shops in O2O mode a monthly income, this is very strange, the fruit shop is completely under the line, only the boss and the boss of the fruit shop, fruit shop is still at the store. Do retail, that is to say the fruit shop and not all adopt O2O mode, or O2O, a way to facilitate its increase sales, how it is O2O for this store is not a business model, the large part of operations or through the traditional business model.

is not O2O must rely on the traditional business model? Theory, the traditional business model is the integration of the O2O mode, most traditional enterprises have a strong distribution system, agents or even offices throughout the country, naturally stores everywhere. Traditional companies can use these outlets advantages, each store is a center, O2O drainage, display and customer experience and other operations, these operations do not even have the operation on the Internet, as long as a mobile phone with WeChat or the development of enterprises has APP on it.

said this may be somewhat abstract, here I cite an example, such as you have the brand, consumers have for your brand awareness, you want to go to the store to buy authentic reliable products, but do not know the specific location of the store, then you can use WeChat or APP to check the nearest store with its nearby, and then go to store consultation, experience, shopping, shopping online is of course, can also be online, so the O2O model does not necessarily need to pay to participate, is sometimes more like a business.