intelligent mobile phone nearly two years of popularization of speed mobile Internet ushered in the speeding development of explosive, mobile Internet has become the focus of market development of the Internet industry, all kinds of mobile applications emerge in an endless stream. In the field of traditional Internet occupies a major position in social networks, e-commerce, search engine applications also occupy an important position in the mobile internet. Mobile social networking, mobile, mobile search has become a popular direction for the development of mobile Internet, these three types of mobile applications has become the city Metrosexual fashionista who "about gun weapon, and a lot of mobile phone APP positioning itself in about gun application. Mobile Internet about gun economics is driving the development of mobile internet.

mobile social applications gradually into gun weapon

mobile phone APP mobile social software are various, in traditional SNS, Tencent QQ, Sina, micro-blog etc. have for mobile phone SNS application, based on the production development of mobile Internet WeChat, m chat, unfamiliar street and other popular mobile social software. With the development of mobile Internet, mobile social applications continue to improve the function, it has become a tide of men and women about the gun. The unfamiliar street is no taboo work in just ways to position themselves in about gun software, its recent video marketing "foreigner grass root Mike Sui Dynasty" is a great success. About gun has become the highlight of the concept of mobile social applications to attract users.

The traditional

Internet are also often "about gun" phenomenon, the development of mobile Internet makes about gun more convenient, more easy to meet part of users in a specific period of time the "friends" demand. Although "about gun" is just a marketing concept, not living in the "homely food", but the concept of great attraction, application of curious Metrosexual fashionista this kind of stimulation of love. About gun social software through these tide male female users to promote the expansion and development of enterprises, in the formation of a certain user scale can be achieved through a variety of value-added services. About gun this concept to meet the needs of many users of the bottom of the heart, so you can get some results.


provides the ideal setting for a couple in love mobile providers

gun is a process, this process is an economic chain. About the gun needs to move through social software about, to some extent after the need to be familiar with some of the links, it is inevitable to eat and drink to send a small gift, this time is the mobile electricity supplier market. Now the mobile phone shopping is very convenient, especially in the case of the prevailing concept of O2O, many mobile providers have started digging in the line of the market value. According to the concept of mobile payment can be divided into two mobile electricity supplier market, first, the remote electricity supplier, the electricity supplier is the near field, the O2O concept is more refers to the electricity supplier in the near field, which is near the end of the mobile phone users in the consumer market.

users can use the mobile phone to find places for dating, may also need to find a florist or gift shop, the user can conduct booking orders or by mobile phone, users of this demand, it would.