intime business together with Tmall O2O (Online to Offline), more and more physical retailers start online and offline linkage. Bailian Group said yesterday that its brilliance’s electricity supplier, supplier strategy alliance conference was held, to maximize their resources to carry out online and offline, and start the network set store "," store electricity payment and O2O business.

brilliance brilliance electricity supplier said, electricity supplier plans to invest 100 million yuan of commodity marketing resources, and with many vendors and associates company’s brilliance offline business cooperation business, with resource sharing, risk sharing, cooperation and win-win principle, through business process reform and reform of the supply chain, suppliers and contracting joint marketing, to provide "network set store" service. COFCO, including Samsung, SONY, CASIO, Baidu, arowana, Tencent, HUAWEI, yitengzhonghuatang and FedEx, SF EXPRESS, Chinese post, Kuroneko tkyubin, dual LAN logistics and other more than and 130 enterprises at home and abroad, as well as Lianhua Quik have responded to the solid platform. Among them, COFCO, Samsung, SONY, CASIO, Jinlongyu, yitengzhonghuatang brand enterprises and Bailian electricity supplier formally signed a cooperation framework agreement book.

said the electricity supplier will use 100 100, contact physical stores and their electricity supplier first to achieve O2O, from December 1st onwards, the first batch of nearly 300 stores will be opened "Quik book store", "store electricity to pay" O2O business customers in Bailian shopping business platform to a certain amount, you can through the Lianhua the store "store network set off". If the guest online payment may also be made through "store shop pay" pick up at the store and payment.

"100 business and Quik convenience store O2O ‘book store" business this year is expected to expand to 500 stores, plans for next year will be approximately 1300 stores covering quik. In the future electricity supplier brilliance would linkage online and offline business to further promote the use of commodity information, such as two-dimensional code, APP, LBS, WeChat and other consumers from online to offline experience. Bailian electricity supplier in the future will vigorously promote the operation of digital goods." Bailian Group inside a relevant responsible person said.

in addition to O2O linkage convenience stores, electricity providers to carry out commercial brilliance recently linked with the first Yaohan, selected imports first BaBaiBan supermarket, the supermarket imports form campaign online, to lay the foundation for cooperation in the introduction of goods and sales next year. The end of the year the first Yaohan shopping will be combined with the use of online and offline business Bailian double payment payment. Bailian electricity supplier this year also plans to try to pay for mobile phone APP the way to simplify the payment process, according to reports, the brilliance of mobile phone mobile application store will be on line soon after.

by the lower consumption and the impact of electricity providers, traditional retail life very difficult, the first three quarters of this year, Bailian Group under the command of Lianhua Supermarket revenue 25 billion 88 million yuan, an increase of 1.26%, but net profit of 186 million yuan, up sharply down 48%. So the electricity supplier > 100