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domain name

as the information service enterprises, divided into individual domains must be careful, because of the popularity of the site is the site where the value of. Otherwise, the value of a single domain name cohesion than the spread of the site’s popularity even higher. We look at the YAHOO service, it is actually very diverse, involves the search, web services, e-commerce, financial information, news and so on, but it always clinging to a YAHOO.COM. But in the domestic web site, the beginning of the service has been monotonous means, but also to diversify the attention of visitors to engage in multi domain name. Finally, not only failed to achieve the scale effect, but in order to give people a sense of the content is too small, a thankless task is the best footnote.

8848.net is guilty of this problem, since the beginning is determined to become the "digital peak", so why dispersed domain makes 8848.net the site shows thin? Other domain is a member site, there are some loyal consumers used to gather, but since we throw away the small circle of constraints become the real "digital peak". So why not learn to sina.com.cn? When Sina reluctantly discard the name srsnet.com, all turn into sina.com.cn, I feel a kind of extraordinary courage.

another error is that the same content site multi domain operation. For example, NetEase, the name nease.net comes with more than 20 thousand personal homepage propaganda was well-known in the world, this is a very rare asset. However, in the absence of other special reasons NetEase launched the netease.com domain name, and in a certain period of time to the domain name to the name of 163.com. So, to the NetEase has three signs. This is not only unnecessary, but also shows the decision-making hesitant, indecisive personality. Because nease.net has a lot of famous personal home page, so it’s not like the name of sina can be said to change, to involve a lot of things. So I think, NetEase should be determined to use the name nease.net as a personal home server, the netease.com used as the main site of a variety of information sites. And 163.com seems to have no need to use it, unless there are future business needs of the network.

from the point of view of consumer psychology, a brand must continue to emphasize the beginning, rather than dilution. Only after a certain degree of reinforcement can be divided according to product and market segmentation to separate domain name management. In other words, the network for commercial purposes, the site can not be used at the beginning of this decentralized domain names. Unless it is just beginning to enter the market for a large amount of money, enough for experimentation in the network. So, it is possible to use individual domain names to spread the risk and explore market demand, acceptance.

"because you have a single domain name"