in recent years, with the popularity of thousands of households to the advantage of network of Internet economy has developed rapidly and achieved amazing growth, in a sense, said the Internet economy determines the direction of social development is not a huge market demand, the achievements of a fiery Internet economy, the consumer e-commerce is more and more people to accept and choose the traditional consumption pattern of the market has changed, according to the Ministry of Commerce 2012 statistical yearbook, e-commerce transactions accounted for the entire consumer market share of nearly 40%, the degree of prosperity of e-commerce industry so as can be imagined.

Based on this

, the majority of enterprises, institutions and individuals are affiliated or well-known electronic business platform or the establishment of e-commerce websites to promote independent enterprises and products of their own, which in turn promote further development and prosperity of e-commerce industry. Closely related with this station, providing solutions for E-commerce mall construction industry e-commerce value-added industry has developed relatively slowly, especially most programs in the marketing website construction is mainly to solve the mall business services and support technology oriented, instead of mall construction to enhance brand value and user experience involved in the field of electronic commerce website, after all, mall construction technical problems easier to solve, it is difficult to become the development of electronic commerce industry barriers, the opposite because most customers enter the e-commerce industry for its mode of operation may not have a profound understanding, hard to grasp the true connotation of management, they really need to the electronic commerce website to the depth, and the target or potential consumers of continuous communication, let promotion Content to be quickly promoted, so that the advantages of e-commerce network into their own brand advantage.

therefore has the enterprise and individual website mall construction demand in urgent need of professional and strong, clear and powerful function of market oriented excellent e-commerce website solutions provider, which can provide the design and construction of marketing e-commerce website, and through the expressions of VI and video etc., using a variety of strategies marketing and consumer products to customers to promote the depth of communication continued, let consumers as much as possible long time stay in the mall site, while providing a service to the electricity supplier industry solutions for independent store customers, such as group purchase, limited promotion, seckill social functions must be preset also, with the well-known electronic business platform data through a full range of functions, so that even professional knowledge did not understand the construction of the mall, as long as Computers will be able to easily manage e-commerce industry, operating their own online shopping mall.

indeed, the rapid development of the Internet economy has been involved in all aspects of social life, people to the electronic commerce industry as the representative of the network economy in contact, hope is in the face of strong professional, social orientation clear online shopping mall, to provide marketing e-commerce website construction service provider by the market and customers the favor is behoove. This article by webmaster for