Shanghai shopping smarter love comparison. Guizhou mobile terminal consumption accounted for nearly 90%, leading the country.


January 12th twenty-first Century, Jingdong Joint Economic Research Institute released blockbuster "2016 China electricity consumption behavior report", Jingdong based on the data of 2016 electricity consumption trends, user portrait, purchase behavior, payment behavior, brand preference dimension analysis. In addition to the most economically developed regions, the largest number of online shopping, the main electricity supplier for young people, the promotion of online shopping is very effective, these content, the report has some interesting findings.

report shows that the two or three line of the city’s consumer market and the gap is narrowing the first tier cities. Two or three city relatively first-tier cities, life pressure small, disposable income as first-tier cities, purchasing power is emerging. Two or three tier cities, will be the backbone of the electricity supplier quality consumption, is expected to become the future of a new line of consumer cities.


Small and medium-sized city

and the rest of the acceptance for the large and medium-sized city electricity supplier is still not high, but in some categories such as home appliances, communication products, high value, consumption capacity is comparable to the big city. In terms of fresh electricity supplier consumption, channel sink to go a long way.


watches and jewelry in the consumption of luxury goods, luxury goods online shopping and the number of city development level is inversely proportional to the less developed city because luxury line purchase channels and shopping abroad is limited, so the orders and sales situation, more than a second tier city. However, from the point of view of the amount, the amount of online shopping luxury and urban development level is proportional to the first tier cities most popular watch, which indicates that the higher the level of the city, the more the pursuit of consumers and less refined luxury.


from the specific geographical point of view, Zhejiang people are more self willed money faster. In impulsive consumption, the highest proportion of consumers in Zhejiang, more than 2/3, which is more in line with the Zhejiang area online shopping, online shopping is generally a certain relationship. The clear target of Sichuan accounted for the largest proportion of Ningxia, the highest proportion of rational comparison, Shanghai smart shopping comparison.


surprise is that the mobile terminal consumption in Guizhou accounted for nearly 90%, leading the country. The top seven Guizhou, Ningxia, Qinghai, Tibet, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shaanxi are the western city, the proportion of mobile terminals are more than 85%. In contrast, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities accounted for the proportion of mobile shopping after ranking. This phenomenon is related to the popularity of smart phones, smart phones and other mobile devices to make it easier to contact the central and western regions of the online shopping.