WAL-MART store free delivery service has been extended to the country’s stores. Yesterday, WAL-MART China’s official micro-blog said that a single ticket of 188 yuan can enjoy a full range of free delivery within 2 km of the service has covered the country.

this service does not contain fresh and frozen goods. In fact, from the beginning of this year, WAL-MART began to gradually promote the service from some stores to the country. Consumers in the checkout, merchandise and shopping receipts for free delivery area, then registered shipping address and contact information, you can go home and wait for a receipt. Store staff will use special customized logistics box distribution of goods to the customer’s home, in order to protect the privacy of customers. Before 4 p.m.. After 4 p.m..

WAL-MART said, compared to online shopping, the biggest advantage of retailers is customers can choose goods in the store to expand the scope of delivery is free, WAL-MART shopping convenience to strengthen one of the measures. Compared to the electricity supplier distribution, although the above conditions of free delivery is not convenient, but in the supermarket chain format is very rare.