does not indicate a brand of rechargeable treasure, can be replaced by a variety of electronic connectors for charging

with intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer and other electronic products has gradually become the daily life of the necessary equipment, in order to solve the large consumption of the battery, standby time is short, portable mobile power supply (hereinafter referred to as the "charging treasure") came into being. Reporter survey found that due to the lack of relevant standards, the current charging treasure for sale online and available in the market, brand hybrid, a large number of low-quality products full of them, due to the charging treasure quality problems in the accident. Insiders said that the purchase of rechargeable treasure should choose a regular product, ask for an invoice and pay attention to the third party product certification, safeguard their own interests.

1 entity store

varieties too many shopkeepers have made halo

as a gathering place of electronic products in Beijing, Zhongguancun, the electronic mall has been a variety of products, affordable and become the favored place of electronic products consumers. Recently, a reporter for the Zhongguancun area, such as tophere dragon, Zhongguancun E world trade, several well-known electronic products sales mall visit. Reporters found that the charging treasure brand complex products, the price disparity is very common. For charging treasure sold a lot, the main branches are difficult to call its brand name.

in the electronic mall on the third floor of a relatively well-known brands charge treasure franchise stores, reporters learned that the store sells the charging treasure are the same brand products, and formal invoice. In store sales charge treasure, the capacity from 2200 Ma to 10000 Ma range, $80 can be purchased to 2200 Ma, while the need for $249 ma. According to the store manager, store sales of charging treasure price than "Zapai" security, but relatively the same brand of other stores, because the area is about 20% agents, the price can be cheaper.

is found in several business city reporter, in addition to a few individual brand stores, charging treasure the vast majority of sellers simultaneously sell multiple brands, which brand number can reach nearly 100, the capacity range is from 2000 to 30000 were involved in Ma ma. Survey, due to the different brands of charging treasure, the same capacity of charging treasure price is a big difference. With 10000 Ma charging treasure for example, in a given trade Trade City booth price is 60 yuan, while in an apple store Hailong building, the charge treasure capacity price 540 yuan.

many stalls due to the sale of multiple brands of rechargeable treasure, the complexity of its brand so that sales are difficult to distinguish. In a shop clerk in tophere mall, only to the number of labels marked Ma simple distinction between capacity, and to brand said is not clear.

2 online mall

price is not higher than the capacity of

for many consumers, online shopping appliances has become the first choice. Because online shopping products have low prices, transparent and so on