the night of 4 March, a wave of WeChat to pay the full opening of the message bombarded the WeChat circle of friends.

March 5th, another wave of WeChat payment has been fully open news from micro-blog hit.

after March 5th, all about WeChat marketing training institutions will be prompted to March 4th night!

WeChat, is indeed open, but also more imagination, so we can see is a big wave of enterprises in the rush to WeChat! Once those who do not have to consider the enterprise may also gradually heart.



as the deep hinterland of the service provider, is really not the development of industry cheating company destroyed the market environment also hinder WeChat. So we come to a deep analysis of how to identify the quality of WeChat service providers.

1, personally look at the enterprise, in the face of 3-5’s personal workshop even if it. Although this 3-5 person might be able to service 20 shops, but this is the copy paste! Each store which may receive a 500 to 1000 yuan. WeChat and micro-blog are not exactly the same, although both need to operate, art, planning, and then push content. But WeChat’s background needs more technology to develop, and micro-blog is not a lot of technical needs.

2, the charge is too low can also be ignored directly. Micro-blog service providers in the period from 1000 to $200000 of the difference. 200000 contained exactly what are the contents of service need to negotiate, but 1000 yuan certainly is the copy paste piece. This 1000 or directly to welfare institutions relatively well, because there’s no effect! High fees not necessarily good, but not necessarily low fees, it is already


3 service organizations, put forward 3 months 600 thousand 5 million turnover, the number of fans, also can! WeChat public account of the difficulty of obtaining great fans! If the joke to send a micro-blog can add 2000 WeChat fans!! WeChat payment belong to new things, perhaps our Internet circle of people are already familiar with. But there are a lot of WeChat do not know the bank card binding it! This time to talk about fans, talk about sales a little early!

4, ask the difference between micro-blog and WeChat. If WeChat touted mustering strength and to suppress the micro-blog also. WeChat is the essence of CRM, is the interaction between the time and place; micro-blog focus on communication. This is not the same thing, micro-blog is responsible for communication, WeChat is responsible for management.

5, look at the cases they used to do. If you will only look at the screen to see the number of fans and the logic of their account is not straightened out, this is undoubtedly a you know. The specific number of fans is the most worth watching, but should consider the logic of their business account is reasonable. What is logic? What is a current account