] jumei.com O2O billion state power network is not only the line shop, as China Sephora or Watsons. Now it is necessary to access more home to the United States Industry O2O businesses, service more beauty girls. This may be the founder Chen ou and his team never thought.


CEO jumei.com spokesman Chen Ou had to

has informed sources, jumei.com has plans to open the interface on App, give priority to the beauty, Manicure several popular home services import traffic and customers.


jumei.com App and the types of goods involved in channel

billion state power network connection to jumei.com confirmation, the other said there is no relevant plans and arrangements. But a jumei.com employee told billion state power network, jumei.com has been in the internal test room, the United States employees can achieve online booking breakfast at the App end. However, this function is not open to the exterior, billion state power network view could not find the entrance after.

"Manicure category may be Manicure toot or 58 Manicure, beauty is the beauty of the home." The sources said, jumei.com beauty industry O2O function of the on-line time may be in June.

from the point of view of the matching degree of the crowd, as the largest cosmetics vertical B2C, jumei.com can indeed bring the accurate flow beauty industry O2O business.

jumei.com reported in 2015 Q1, the number of active users reached 5 million 600 thousand, an increase of 14.3% in 2014. Such an order of magnitude of the user, it is clear that the start-up company O2O desire.

According to

billion state power network to understand, home service has attracted more and more attention because of the high frequency electricity supplier platform links the customer. Jingdong, the United States mission, public comment, 58 city have opened their own home O2O interface. The United States is reached, so that the original battle situation has become more subtle.

single Manicure this sub category, Dudu Manicure has access to public comment, the U.S. group, after the United States access now, reliance by the large platform of full flow, and 58 Manicure will inevitably impact on the formation of double-pronged attack, beaver home industry leader position.

is about to access to the United States and the United States to serve the O2O business, said the United States came to the United States after the line, it will take a ferocious subsidy policy. But in June, the major electricity supplier platform for home service entrance is eager for a fight, fight to win or die. Then, around the home service price of O2O will match again. This is clearly eager to borrow the platform to open up new markets businesses are pleased to see.


platform is not to burn, not "idiotic" move. Especially for jumei.com, young female users O2O beauty industry enterprises also holding a lot, and have enough fire >