July 6th, Amazon announced the official opening of the third party seller platform, launched I want to shop and Amazon logistics service. In the third party seller in free shop and annual fee.

According to the introduction of

Amazon, third party sellers to join Amazon open platform, to provide proof of qualifications, to ensure genuine licensed assurance, Amazon will provide a consistent shopping experience, and provide the same product page, including front-end merchandising, marketing, warehousing, logistics and back-end payment, customer service and other services.

Amazon "kaidian" platform for all sellers implementation deadline "zero investment" policy, no fees, no annual fee, with no platform fees, cost accounting is more simple and clear sellers. Amazon also provides a showcase for the seller, the search engine, such as the station to promote the service and search engine optimization, including e-mail advertising, including the station outside the promotion services.

at the same time, the third party sellers can choose logistics services provided by the Amazon and 7 days and 24 hours of uninterrupted service center to help sellers to complete the return of customer service service etc..

according to the official website of Amazon, Amazon will be charged according to the different proportion of the seller’s commission. For example, home, gardening, small appliances, tools, sports, toys, clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, auto supplies category 7% commission. For books, music, video, software, games, personal care, personal care tools, beauty cosmetics, office supplies, food and other categories, Amazon received 6% commission. The consumer electronics, mobile communications, electricity category is charged 4% commission.

at the same time, the use of Amazon warehousing logistics and distribution services third party sellers need to pay the cost of excellence.

it is worth noting that the Jingdong mall also launched an open platform, and the Jingdong store requires third party sellers submit 10000 yuan trading payment of gold, and 6000 yuan / year platform fee, at the same time, the Jingdong will store according to the seller sold product sales and Mao Libao cards charge a transaction fee rate.

Dangdang open platform charges similar to Jingdong. Dangdang.com official website, dangdang.com to settled third party seller fees are as follows: the platform fee + Koudian × transactions. The charging platform pay according to the brand amount of charge 2000 yuan per quarter to 7200 yuan. Dangdang is also based on the type of merchant goods buckle 1.25%-5% transaction costs.

Wang Hanhua, President of Amazon, said Amazon’s open platform process is more simple, businesses settled in advance investment is small, no entry fee, annual fee and platform fee.

analysis of the industry, the seller of the Amazon free shop move is to attract more sellers to enter, rich commodity category, diluted operations >