[Abstract] some people say that 2016 will be the B2B industry see the outcome of a year, because in 2015, B2B industry of the "big three" already established, Ali, HC steel. The reason why these three are called B2B industry giants, there are two reasons: first, volume, influence; second, strategic clarity.

there is no doubt that the Alibaba’s B2B business has been proud of its business group, many of them have long circulated in rivers and lakes "for iron, as the group’s first listed business group, has a remarkable significance in the field of electronic commerce Chinese; HC, as early as in 2003 in Hongkong gem listed, the current valuation of 15 billion; steel, has just received 1 billion 100 million yuan E round of financing by Jingxi venture, Thailand securities investment area recently, as the founder of B2B2.0, find the fortune of the steel net, led to the birth of" for a moment ".  

B2B is moving in a direction that can be expected, the future looks like a bright unlimited. Ali can create brilliant? HC can become a butterfly? Steel could continue the myth? The three giant B2B model is what? No loophole really three


Ali B2B strategy is open


group in January this year, held the B2B ecological summit, invited including EVA logistics, UFIDA group, Sijiqing, Minmetals business and Minsheng Bank and many other partners to come, Ali announced strong "back" in the field of B2B. Among them, alibaba.com and Qualcomm responsible for foreign trade business, 1688 for domestic business.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Ali hope for the future through 1688 alibaba.com and two B2B business platform, docking all. In 320 million Ali investment Minmetals business Xinyi Association as an example, the cooperation between the two, Ali will Minmetals business with 1688 business docking.

Ali B2B business group decision support leader Dong Zheng said, Ali B2B strategy is the ability to open cooperation, Ali online provides to the enterprise, so that the seller can find buyers, this is the best at Alibaba.

Ali B2B business group, general manager of the financial sector, said Li Duoquan, Ali wants to open large infrastructure data to financial institutions, financing for smes.

B2B senior research told billion state power network analysis, Ali B2B strategy is through cooperation with similar EVA logistics, UFIDA ERP, Minmetals business, and will provide China cumulative transaction data bank, Ping An Bank and other financial institutions, financing of small and medium sized enterprises. Ali is the use of data precipitation, payment system and other earnings.

Ali B2B is the pride of the successful

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billion state power network to understand, HC, looking very much unlike steel mesh for vertical B2B, Ali seems for vertical electricity supplier is still not cold. Ali investment five