I have access to the Internet has been more than 5 years, has been that the network is ultimately serve the real economy, so the construction of the first from the portal to the common website construction and promotion, to electronic commerce recently. Along the way feeling quite deep, but also want to share some of their experience and share.

Seo technology, often on the A5 personal webmaster, it is well known, Seo is the search engine optimization, mainly including the station optimization and station optimization. General personal webmaster are studying how to increase the site in Baidu, Google and other search engines, as well as the rankings, but ignored the direction of e-commerce. A lot of people very disdain for e-commerce, I also experienced the psychological process, always think is the webmaster to do technology, e-commerce operation involves too low, purchasing, sales, operations and so on, these are not individual owners should do things, sometimes even think that these are not people who read the book should do.

people is to be practical, down-to-earth, everyone is an ordinary person, we are engaged in things like the same as their parents, but read more than two years only.

is a bit tricky, so, the electronic commerce C2C at home to do the best is Taobao, I also registered a Taobao account. You can take a look at my last five days of daily trading bills.


The promotion and website promotion similar to Taobao’s

, SEO still used in the Taobao store.

Seo station optimization are:

1, domain name selection. Taobao shop can also resolve the independent domain name, if you choose a good domain name, there is a high quality of the site and it does reverse link, it is quite beneficial. This is the same as the independent domain name selection principle.

2, keyword settings. Independent web site keywords is very important, can affect the site in the search engine rankings. Taobao search baby preferred Title keyword, and also have the weight, and whether the title keyword or attribute consistent baby, baby baby description and title is consistent with Baidu, this principle, the weight of the site title and website content consistent high ranking front.

3, the long tail keywords set. The site attracted traffic, according to many long tail keywords, such as my red and black fashion http://s.yuelaoge.taobao.com is mainly to do the ladies, it is summer, mainly engaged in T-shirts, dresses etc.. I sell T-shirts, the title can not only write two words a T-shirt, search new T-shirt, some people search 2010 T-shirt, T-shirt, trade T-shirt, T-shirt, t-shirt. I here are 6 key words, I can not put these 6 words are marked, only three felt loss. It can according to the keyword search volume ranking, in turn arranged from high to low, no redundancy, >