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Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lin Xi, intern Zhang Xue reported: with WeChat tools popular circle of friends to do business fast, so that some people predicted that the micro business will become the next Taobao. After October, the mobile terminal based on pat micro shop officially launched last week, the Jingdong’s pat Network proposed the strategic layout of the mobile to the center and the center of the combination ", the formal establishment of derivative" regular army ", for the development of a new model of mobile providers. Some analysts have pointed out that the pat micro shop directly in the mobile terminal to attack Taobao.

pat open free policy

pat micro shop manager Guo Bin said that at present the micro shop to the center of marketing is just short to overcome the shortage of traffic "," lack of entrance "," missing scenes "of isolated defects, they are still lack of EPR management system, customer relationship management system, reliable payment guarantee and powerful marketing tool, still faced with the number of fans, Shuabing pulled the black and the plight of the lack of a sense of trust.

it is understood that pat Network will form a PC+App+ shop in the form of a trinity shop, breaking the traditional Taobao platform traffic distribution model. In order to encourage and support the development of the businesses in the micro pat shop, 2015 prepared a huge pat exposure resource center traffic and wireless set extrapolation advertising, pat micro shop has free use of high-quality business opportunity.

challenge Taobao also difficult


group vice president Pat network president Kui Ying Chun said the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, with the rapid development of mobile business, the ecological chain businesses are looking for a new model, in order to obtain greater dividends in the future, pat micro shop will be introduced to the center and the center of the combination of strategy. Under this background, looking for the most appropriate mode.

Guo Bin also disclosed for the first time the latest operating conditions. Pat micro shop has been the initial integration of centralized traffic entrance to help businesses to get the center of the traffic. Since the line, pat micro shop operation shop has reached 10000, single day peak orders amounted to 60 million yuan, sales accounted for more than 30% of the total pat Network, has become an important force in the industry of mobile business.

for micro shop will become the next Taobao, the industry is different. Some analysts pointed out that the micro ecological business development, pat micro shop to the center and the center of the combined strategy can get traffic to let the business living space at the same time, take fan fine operation, long-term win-win and eventually realize the merchants and buyers. Insiders also said that the current domestic C2C field, Taobao has more than 95% market share, pat want to shake the dominance of Taobao is still difficult.