/ foot bath managers, now you store is facing the following questions:

1, more than


cashier and technician collusion, delete items, anti node documents, hand off management is not advanced, so that employees in a flagrant way pocket money, the boss miserable.

2, peak chaos

business is good, the guests flocked to the waiter, and technicians is confused, greatly reduce the efficiency.

3, the service can not upgrade

technician on the clock is not timely, and even steal the clock, missed the bell, the guests waiting, finally disappointed to leave.


to companeThe

technician compane unfair, royalty is not accurate, resulting in loss of excellent technicians, and even tourists away.

authoritative industry experts jcipc software to solve the above problem as you analyze! Recently, the company launched a new generation of intelligent wireless device Tengyun clock, full use of intelligent terminal equipment, has served thousands of bath / foot bath enterprises, practitioners are very promising, and the industry praise "clock artifact".

new intelligent wireless clock, managers, service personnel, technicians, guests in the room can be completed directly required work. Not only in the management process to fully adapt to the guests’ consumption habits, more important is to provide more advanced management ideas and management tools for managers, opened up a new era for the VIP room, massage room, chess room, recreation area and multi-function room management.


new intelligent clock artifact Tengyun real map

new intelligent clock Tengyun artifact 12 features:

The real

automatic credit card operationsThe

automatically arrange technicians (technicians, technicians, selection of round point technicians)

Automatic notification technician

clock room (the announcement, small ticket notice, notice

video etc.)The

card automatic clock


will automatically push


card falling clock

the commodity consumer credit card (self-service ordering goods, consumer goods records)

The automatic alarm


brush membership card (consumption query, location query, balance inquiries)

the housing state auto remind

The cashier management

The checkout control of

jcipc software proposed perfect intelligent wireless clock device solutions for the industry’s first intelligent wireless clock, Tengyun as the industry’s most professional and most advanced technicians clock products, relying on high-tech information management, optimizing management processes, improve customer experience, improve store – >