often see e-commerce forum or QQ group promotion we will discuss this website more cattle, the web site is famous, but personally think that the electricity supplier will naturally be profit oriented, not known will be able to make money, many large commercial or flat state or temporary peibenzhuanyaohe state, of course, that famous website it was necessary, but early or mainly practicing internal strength more practical, a lot of Taobao store or do foreign B2C mall also has a lot of big money secretly secretly happy, so if you do you want fame or business profits to choose, if you choose the former do not look down, if you choose the latter please some quick profits continue to look at the sum of the elements of the


e-commerce site early more laborious, but if you do the following, you want to achieve profitability and customer accumulation is still no problem!

1 set the title, keywords, description – determine your keyword and intend to focus on the optimization of the word, can reference another article "the electronic commerce website keywords Ratttan!"

2 website add a can publish articles columns, such as fashion information columns, ready for the weights in the search engine in the future, updated daily articles to help update the snapshot in time and improve the weight to improve the ranking.

3 to quiz website, QQ group to do some promotion, discount, etc. seckill marketing information, question answer some question! Can be a way to quickly, as long as the price of products and services, there are some advantages is immediate! Can refer to the article by Ruiheng quiz website free promotion of your goods.

4 according to their budget can be appropriate to put some navigation advertising, because the navigation advertising for the electricity supplier website or the most effective form of advertising, you can refer to how to select site navigation".

5 the use of E-mail software for some of the activities of the mall to do some beautiful mail to promote, simple and effective, low cost and quick!

6 day to add the chain of keywords ranking, and the weights of PR are very good method, how can reference the blog article "Ruiheng chain increases".

do the above points and repeat step in make believe early is very effective for your site, and do not need to invest too much cost profit, such as the United States has a dozen small company turnover of more than many large companies, as long as willing to pay out the method of direction will surely return! (Rui Heng


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