in May 20th at the Wuhan convention center a 2016 session of the second open up a fresh outlook to the activities of the China International (Wuhan) electronic commerce exhibition held. One of the electronic commerce platform Darunfa flying cow net as the current domestic rise fastest, influential and innovative force continued to grow, with "living on the flying cow" as the theme, bring Darunfa flying cow network launched over the past year blockbuster business exhibition debut, showing the Darunfa flying cow network currently in self B2C, mall, cross-border imports and partner programs of business innovation. At the same time, Darunfa flying cow Network Co CEO Yuan Bin, in the exhibition entitled "the Internet plus time, RT & innovation and perception of" flying cow network forum speech, the speech a comprehensive introduction to the Darunfa flying cow network in the past two years, take the initiative to adapt to the "Internet plus" era. Business O2O full channel retail and Darunfa flying cow network innovation. The main media in Hubei, the central and the national media in China, attended the forum activities.

retail industry transformation Darunfa trend in the flying cow network homeopathy and health

in recent years, along with the trend of a comprehensive transformation of the retail industry, the major entities have to upgrade the retail industry, the initiative to promote online shopping business. Especially since the "Internet plus" concept was born, for the retail industry to explore the transformation, provides a clear path for more certainty. Among these, Chinese entity retail supermarket champion Darunfa, is the first, in June 18, 2013, launched the online mall Darunfa positioning the whole category B2C model of the flying cow network. In two years, the flying cow Darunfa frame complete large business platform all the business model, and the annual growth of over 5 times, one at the end of 2015, into the comprehensive strength of the top ten electricity supplier industry (China Center for Internet research data sources), thus flying cow Darunfa Wangguang for the industry attention.

Yuan Bin said in a speech, RT and the flying cow network CEO Darunfa chairman Huang Mingduan has urged business, is considering doing Darunfa electricity providers, Alibaba and Jingdong will not do this, so that consumers and suppliers have one more choice. So, from January 16, 2014 Darunfa flying cow network officially launched operations began eight industrial Darunfa parent company ruentex group and 37 subsidiaries, the official page to write the electronic commerce.

Yuan Bin, from the beginning of 2015, Darunfa flying cow network officially started the five campaigns: the opening of the National Mall, business services, open on-line cross-border import service, launch partner plan, open O2O full channel strategy. Darunfa flying cow net of this strategic plan for its fast layout, optimize the customer experience laid a solid foundation.

March 2015, Darunfa flying cow network relying on Darunfa throughout the country 29 provinces and autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the opening of stores, from the Distribution Services stores hair goods, only in 3 months time, Darunfa flying cow network that is open in all areas including the Spratly Islands national distribution service. In the same year in June, big