said in November 1st, Chinese Taobao mall opened the independent domain name, and not long ago, Chinese Baidu and Japan jointly build the cool days of the mall, and the Alibaba to start small independent domain name, this is a coincidence?


has been entangled in it, but it is old not good, Robin Li finally put a horse, teamed up with the world’s top Lotte giants re create electronic mall. "The cool days mall are genuine, fake a compensable three" from the beginning to launch cooperation, saying the slogan, to let everyone know that I do not like the other mall is genuine, please rest assured. Think this can let oneself from a variety of shopping malls to separate, make their own characteristics.

and Taobao, from the beginning of the 03 year, people buy goods from the watch to the opening of Alipay, a curtain is familiar with, more and more people buy, the seller is also more and more want to go in, occupy a space for one person, finally 08 years, Taobao launched B2C trading platform Taobao mall, requirements to corporate identity must be settled, no is self-employed, only the brand or brand owner authorized businesses can be settled.

cool days and Taobao now is not of an identical nature of


below to compare and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Taobao and music cool days, although the music cool days is just born baby, but there is no age limit in the mall, who occupied the market, who is the boss.

, from the color, that color is not in line with the cool days of Chinese color, a riot of colours, squandering charming eyes feeling. Maybe I have been accustomed to the familiar color of Taobao mall.

two, the layout of the site, the cool days of the layout looks with Taobao’s official website does not have what difference, and now Taobao mall compared to the gap of some big brands embodied in the brand, but is not reflected in the catalog. If the customer is with selected brands of admission, then the first eye to think what is the brand, go to which classification, cool days is now coming back, is not to make the customer more of a thinking consumption? Now open the Taobao mall, is selected according to classification of brand, brand, I used to this kind of consumption style.

three, the domain name, the domain name is Taobao mall, cool days mall domain name is, I’m two domain names are not optimistic, before Taobao launched the domain name is at the beginning of the Tao, such as,, now a T at the beginning of each finished Tao, it turned to the original lost, suggested Alibaba to purchase taomall, I used some, also feel a Ali Amoy culture. The domain name is needless to say, long, called the ten person to write, write ten halo, domain name positioning is very important, although Baidu also launched, Baidu cool days, are you going to do after a long time which the domain name

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