has always been low-key Zhang Ruimin recently frequent sound mention high-profile network Haier’s strategic transformation and business innovation, at the same time, Haier’s business overall layout surfaced, goodaymart, Oceanus two platforms have appeared. Haier learned to rely on "production" and "selling" on the way to the electricity supplier to the two legs.

in sales, in addition to the early years have been basically completed the layout of the traditional retail market, Haier layout in the electricity supplier market has been basically completed. The brand of its own electricity supplier website Haier mall, responsible for the independent operation of Haier products; in the Tmall flagship store, platform business covering a wide range of consumers; marketing mode into Suning, Jingdong and other platforms, improve the electricity supplier channels; to create a new "goodaymart platform", the advantages of large commodity trading market lock flow.

in the production, to build the Internet home appliances customized brand commander electrical appliances, Tmall cooperation with the C2B pre-sale, to create a sea cube platform to raise the public to raise the mode of home appliance manufacturing.

Haier electricity supplier officially surfaced

in addition to its own Haier mall, Haier has completed the layout of Tmall, Suning, Jingdong, Yi Xun and other electricity supplier channels, including self built, platform, mining and other mainstream electricity supplier business model. Today, Haier has basically completed the layout of the electricity supplier, and has been on the right track in the development of the electronic business platform, "the researchers read depth IT manager world" Liu Qi reported on the Haier electricity supplier is interested in Haier, he in the "Haier, the Internet in the transformation of the electricity supplier assault" an article on Haier business layout to conduct a comprehensive analysis, here is not tired.

after the completion of the existing layout of the independent electricity supplier, Haier began to focus on the business to build their own business platform. Goodaymart platform crashed a year after Haier, a new packaging has appeared again, the family location from the previous one-stop shopping platform for transformation of vertical category of home appliances and furniture, decoration, attention Home Furnishing, water purification and other of the business platform, had to give up management of outdoor products, children’s toys, baby products other categories, new design online, soso my family and other projects, to provide family services overall solution for consumers.

day Shun’s goal is to lock in the large commodity electricity supplier transactions, which is mainly due to the construction of Haier logistics. At present, the electricity supplier logistics is more concentrated in the small product distribution, for home appliances, furniture and other bulky products still need to be responsible for vendor independent distribution installation. Haier home appliances business for many years, has accumulated a large commodity distribution team, very large, up to now, Haier goodaymart to achieve seamless coverage of 2886 counties nationwide logistics services to the township village to support delivery, send one, cash on delivery to the city about 1200 counties, more than 1 thousand counties, 24 hours of time. In the distribution of large goods, Haier’s advantage is obvious, which is the development of the advantages of the current day shun.

Haier electricity supplier has been asking themselves three questions: what is the user’s strong demand, >