November 9th news, Taobao has not yet listed, the reason of its not listed, the famous Internet commentator Cheng Lingfeng said: there are 3 "practice door" temporarily "disc" live Taobao, the three "practice" seem a be made one solution: B2C and B2B2C, mainstream products. The first did not fake and deception, second will occupy the mainstream of the future of online shopping, the third opened up a more realistic based on the sale of such a more realistic fee charging mode.

its blog reads as follows:

allegedly Taobao revenue in 2009 was $300 million, is expected in 2010 revenue of 600 million, profit of $200 million. If the P / E ratio (PE) is set to 40 times, Taobao valuation of $8 billion. Is indeed impressive, the executive team should have a lot of waiting for the option equity cash. But this is still a cake, because the listing and Taobao missed. But why Taobao has not listed?

estimates there are 3 reasons for the temporary disk to live in Taobao, and these are the 3 Taobao practice door". The practice is sparring, exercise training, the difficulties and competition as the grindstone.

first: law.

Taobao has a lot of fakes and deception, which is impossible to solve the C2C platform 100%. Ma Yunlao said, the network shopping platform as the social reality, the reality can not eliminate, network also cannot eliminate, can not be used as a reason for Taobao. This truth is right. But the truth is that the law is the law. Once the listing of overseas capital markets successfully, these reality will be severely punished. In particular, many of the United States to protect the interests of consumers in the name of the company with the big companies to make money lawsuit. Taobao listed, they may become a piece of fat.

the problem seems to have not seen a ready-made solution. To solve this, with the following.

second: business model.

Taobao is C2C boss, C2C is very powerful. However, there is a data share: in 2003, when Taobao first started, B2C and C2C accounted for the proportion of online shopping were 35% and 65%. After C2C all the way up, the proportion of B2C and C2C in 2008 were 7% and 93%, respectively. After that, B2C is strong, and by 2012, B2C and C2C will be 23% and 77%, respectively.

a word, a few years ago C2C is the growth of locomotives, in recent years, B2C is the locomotive.

associated with the 2 facts are: first, the rapid growth of Jingdong and other B2C sites, Amazon is also in the United states. Second, Taobao C2C business, basically belong to the guerrillas. It is said that the annual sales of one hundred million yuan Taobao sellers, not more than 30. 30 plus a total of about about 5000000000, but Taobao has hundreds of billions of dishes. There is a small, small shrimp.

these facts point to: mainstream online shopping, must be big companies, big brands