with the electricity supplier model has gradually become the people’s daily spending habits, many old companies are seeking their own electricity supplier development. Due to many conditions, many old companies are difficult to have a mature self built electronic business platform, so the third party platform has become a breakthrough in these old. Beijing Daily reporter recently found that the enamel factory, Sheng Xifu, in conjunction with brands such as beginning to enter the third party platform. Although these platforms can quickly make the old business to develop electricity supplier channels, but the future of how stable development is the main problem facing the old.

old love on the electronic business platform

recently a lot of old enterprises began to set up their own electricity supplier channels in the third party platform. Beijing Daily reporter survey found that only Jingdong in the mall, there is enamel factory, Sheng Xifu and many other time-honored enterprises monopoly channels.

to enamel factory Jingdong monopoly channel as an example, the sale of goods in several price range, old goods jewelry and gifts, the price is relatively cheap; there is value to the collection of "masters" and customized products is relatively expensive, Sheng Xifu’s price range and in the tens of dollars to ten thousand dollars.

Deputy general manager of

Beijing Enamel Factory Co., Ltd. Miao Yongsheng said, some practical products, low prices will have a certain appeal to consumers. Relatively expensive, with the value of the collection of products, for some high-end customers. In addition, enamel factory electricity supplier channel will provide customization services for a number of business customers, through the Jingdong this platform can attract customers to the store to make a more in-depth discussion. Sheng Xifu chairman Li Jiaqi said, now the Internet is flooded with fake and shoddy products, is in fact destroy their own brand reputation, so Sheng Xifu is not to build their own electricity supplier channels, after one and a half years of brewing, it can be said now by Jingdong, such as Tmall platform operation scale.

leveraging third party to make up the short board

Beijing Daily reporter learned that, in addition to Tongrentang, Moutai and other brands have established business platform, more time-honored brand stores built with third party platform, such as Daoxiang village, Quanjude by platform has Jingdong, Taobao, shop etc.. These enterprises can get certain concessions at the same time to build stores, the Beijing Daily reporter learned, such as the Jingdong built time-honored store in addition to pay a deposit, only need to pay hundreds of yuan each month maintenance fee.

Hong Tao, director of the Department of trade, Beijing Technology and Business University, said the old brand if you want to profit through the electricity supplier, relying on excellent platform, especially the high click rate is a key step in the site.

Miao Yongsheng told the Beijing Daily reporter, enamel factory doesn’t currently own business platform, is an official website, does not have the sale function. Prior to a number of foreign customers telephone consultation, can only invite these people to visit the company in Beijing. Or is on the company’s web page, select the product, the purchase price to the company account, and then sent to each other. Settled in the electronic business platform