as the saying goes, "give a man a fish, as delegate to fish". This is the truth since ancient times, "fish" and "fishing" in the struggle, needless to say, victory will be "fishing".

with the rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce market demand for talent has come to a desperate stage, while e-commerce graduate students are no longer a minority, but there is a very strange phenomenon, as our graduates can not find jobs and professional counterparts, e-commerce companies do not always feel myself need talent, what is the problem?

from the view of enterprise, so they hope to find away to get started, and all have concerns for those of US graduates, and for us, because the actual operation is less, the segments within the industry are not allowed to grasp. At the same time, as the bad habit of graduates, but also easy to appear in the choice of enterprise, and missed the best time of employment.

that how to solve the current employment difficult enterprise, knowledge problems? You know, the traditional enterprise operation mode and mode of e-commerce has the very big difference, this requires a system and complete knowledge base, to play e-commerce potential better. And how to solve the problem of graduates nowhere to find a job?

decided to take the network channels, relying on others to give the fish is not guaranteed, and the awareness of e-commerce enterprises, it is a good choice for fishing.

in today’s online trading volume rising stage, but also the training of talent on the agenda of the enterprise.

If we

that these graduates and enterprises can make a breakthrough? After all, for enterprises of water, to the newly graduated students, always feel that there is no theory of practice, then, if the enterprise can cooperate with schools, build a school selection and training plan, may be a feasible method.

as the enterprise, can the student in the school time, through a cooperation mechanism with the school, there are plans to have a specific policy, two-way combination of theory and practice of the students, do 2 hand 2 hand are hard. In this way, not only solve the school emphasis on theory, and to the enterprise with the intention of training for the personnel training mode is a double-edged sword.

and some appropriate held by enterprise and school cooperation e-commerce competition, as a way to regularly check the student’s ability, better find and solve problems, and to avoid the existing market linked, theory is divorced from reality.

in this way, both to solve the electronic commerce graduates can not find their counterparts in the work, and the electricity supplier companies can not recruit the right talent embarrassment.

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