three line city recruitment website how to do marketing? The first talent network extension can be divided into the promotion of online and offline promotion of the ground two, the first is from the search engine optimization ranking began, added through the QQ group, forums and other forms of promotion! The line promotion is mainly local talent market open recruitment when to send some on site logo and site name card or recruitment information with DM newspaper. The promotion effect is obvious as compared to the coast and a second tier city three line city network development is slow, many still remain in the official site recruitment and occupation introduction, so the three line city local talent net market operation needs the webmaster to open up, which means that market opportunities exist.

1, three line city talent line promotion and other types of Web site to do online promotion similar website began to do SEO work is the most important, the SEO work can make the site to get a good position to bring a large number of user traffic in Baidu. So that the site’s target users can be very convenient to find our website to get what he needs, the specific SEO operation is estimated that you are stronger than me. In addition SEO also need to do some more comprehensive promotion such as local QQ group, forum, email, and other local web advertising industry exchange, know inquiry platform, and the popular micro-blog is also a good place. Through reasonable planning for long-term promotion, the promotion process will often contribute to VIP members.

A lot of ways to promote

2, talent website offline, to choose the appropriate way to promote economic status according to the webmaster! The cheapest one is his business name card! 8 dollars a box of 100, do more and more concessions, you can also find a printing company so do not barter, webmaster my name card is very hard, I do not recommend yourself to do these, many owners are good at technology and online promotion. The other is to find the official local talent market cooperation together to promote local employment, many of the three line of the city’s talent market is not corresponding to the line on the website, if you can find some cooperation in Human Resources Department of employment in some districts level institutions, with the cooperation of your website in the local offline promotion are of great help especially early, you can bring the local enterprise recruitment information and job lot! In addition to the promotion of the way the two line there are many more ways to promote, in need of yourself to find the most suitable promotion model of their own.

During the

website promotion should also extend the analysis method adopted by competitors, should do more to change the seniors, promotion, improve the promotion rate of return. Chengde recruitment network webmaster said so much hope to have some help to you, if there is wrong place also please put forward to discuss progress!