method is as follows:

profit terminal: we are doing sex maniac terminal, specifically what is not to say, is the product category.

1, do a forum, attention must be forum.

2, find a use of the thunder station download.

3, lease a server, with special attention, do not bind any domain name on this server.

4, to find the download resources below 10M upload up, and a post a post put forward the real download path, are IP path.

5, these files are RAR files, which are packaged in the file, there is a HTML file in the file, double-click the time, directly into the advertising page.

6, thunder thunder free real resources and procedures to ensure that the 100% will not be K.


method is as follows:

(1), if you use as your thunder station, please or this domain name to my server IP.

(2), then the IP path for our domain name in your path on the line (when you put a name to it, with IP as the name of the domain name of your station automatically by default to the domain name of the server, this in the previous article we wrote a special.


(3), for example, provided on the forum, "color, ring" download address is http://s.

and I resolve the in the past, then this address

then I put the address submitted to my, the thunder is a look at my station, absolutely not stolen.

(4), this appearance can be bound to numerous domain names.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

1, why do you want to get smaller than 10M?

because we hope that the same server, as far as possible to provide more user services, we use small resources, the number of downloads will be more.

2, what profit do we make?

we are relying on resources within the advertising profit.

3, why do we take the initiative to provide others with web sites and resources?

seems to be the SB style of the real address, on the contrary, our purpose is to let others to advertise our advertising for us.