a high level of product manager, always able to clear the product line, a clear understanding of what should be done at the moment, catch the core of the problem. So how do they analyze the problem?

today I share my method, I called "chain splitting method", can help you clear ideas, more important is to let PM understand their true location! We use software called the car as an example, a case analysis.

Step1 finishing business link / module

our first step is to figure out what the whole business process is, the important aspects are sorted out.

first, we have to find a starting point for the business. The software called the car, it is called the car, the driver pick up passengers. To connect passengers and drivers, so basically, we need a passenger line and a driver’s line.


has a starting point, then, is to simulate business processes.

users need to use the car. Passengers sent a request from the A point to B point of the car, then, we need to send the request to the driver to tell them to live. However, we find that it seems as if the request to send a car does not seem so simple…

what drivers are sent to the nearby 1KM, or 2KM are issued


if there is no driver in the vicinity of 2KM how to do it? Sent to the nearby 5KM? Sent to too many drivers are not in the vicinity, the driver will be harassment information?

send queue is what kind of, who sent to the hair to whom? Near the driver to complete the order to send


if there is a nearby driver, but the driver did not want to pick a single pick up how to do? Fare or mandatory orders?

now seems to pop the carpool, how to match multiple user route up to the driver.


think carefully, to send a single career to this thing, really a lot, it seems a single faction is one of the important things, so we have to send a single system plus.


well, now orders are distributed to the driver, the driver received a single, with navigation to receive the user, and then the passengers will be sent to the destination navigation, passengers should pay, and finally see the money back.

but the problem is coming. What to pay for passengers who cash credit card payment channel bank??? WeChat? Alipay? Use someone else’s payment should pay the fee, there is no way to save money? How to charge it, day and night, a different price, car prices are not the same, the station how to count money charges, financial depends on the income stream. What? Financial MM also requires a different amount of money to separate into several different