line has the means of all sorts of occupations. At the Internet for many years, in many projects, many have seen the product manager, too many product candidates also contacted many colleagues on product itself. This will be combined with these considerations, combing the nine commonly used product design methods, to prepare students to participate in the product, as well as the product has many years of actual combat did not sum up the method of product managers.


a, product design method?

see this title, many people can not help but to himself:

everyone can be a product manager, no way.

product manager threshold is very low, no professional skills and methods.

program ape code is not good, turn to do product manager.

shoot chicken division design is not good, turn to do the product.

Internet is a trend, want to engage in the Internet but nothing, to do product manager.

product manager is to write documents prototype.


is this really the case? The answer is no, the product manager is very professional. Real product development is the starting point of product design, while all resources are around the product manager.

can certainly answer, product design is a method and routines.

two, product design of the nine methods

people have half the time to walk, should be left half the time to think. Recently in the preparation of a set of internal system training, just to force themselves to summarize carding. The following is a summary of the nine methods of product design, from different project experience, of course, in the use of the need to switch flexibly according to the actual situation.

method, the scene restore

as the name suggests, describing a user story or scene picture, through to restore the scene, design targeted.

there are several elements: people, time, place, event. That is, what, in what situation, what problems encountered. That is not a product manager or boss imaginary scene story, nor life demand.

5W2H is a famous product creation analysis, derived from the U.S. Army Ordnance repair department in World War ii. Simple, convenient, easy to understand, use, enlightening, widely used in enterprise management and technical activities, very helpful for the decision-making and implementation of active measures, also help to make up for consideration of omissions.


combines the characteristics of Internet product design has been simplified, the introduction of personal 4W1H method.

Who – who;

Where – what scene;