November 11th at 2 in the morning, who lives in Hangzhou, Jianggan District buyers Chen received his day to buy imported milk powder at 0 points. From the order to receive goods, cross-border parcels with only 2 hours, the reason for creating this miracle, is a combination of C2B pre-sale bonded mode brings miracle.

this year eleven, C2B model is widely used in the sale of fresh, large appliances, clothing category and success — from the United States and Australia sea cucumber, dried cranberries steak and other food was sold out pre-sale of navel orange; 4K large screen LCD and inverter intelligent air conditioning C2B way through the pre-sale, just a few days tens of thousands of people reservation.

information equivalence allows consumers to become business core

C2B is the consumer to business (customertobusiness), a narrow sense, is a powerful buying group formed by polymerization of a large user, in order to change the weak position of the user B2C mode, enjoy the big wholesalers price to buy single commodity interests, also called reverse customization. According to the industry’s explanation, C2B is not only customized after the production, but to personalized marketing, flexible production, social logistics three pillars to build a consumer driven model, the core is the consumer. Through C2B mode pre-sale, not only food, clothing, furniture, household appliances can be flexible customization, and even tourism, decoration can also be. C2B also makes the sale of products more cost-effective: centralized batch purchase cost reduction 10%, and spawned a series of new e-commerce service enterprises, such as clothing and garment enterprises clothing non flexible supply chain, so the software of non software enterprises ISV service providers and so on.

because of the information asymmetry, on-demand production and inventory is not unattainable in the industrial era, but in the information age, information communication, the demand for ecological aggregation characteristics of e-commerce has become an easy job to do.

C2B is a direction for the future development of e-commerce, through the sale of a large number of orders can be aggregated, the advantage is to make the cost of mass customization tend to be reasonable, characterized by the ability to meet individual needs." Jing Linbo, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance strategy.

C2B pre-sale hot forecast new mainstream

e-commerce background operation of big data, but also allow businesses to try to launch a new product. For example: this year for all electric double eleven period, Tmall began to enable people from the October 15th sale of electricity, including Haier, GREE, SIEMENS, SHARP and other 56 brands, hundreds of products to join, until November 11th the day.

early in April this year, Tmall electric city through the 12 line package under the United States, Joyoung, SUPOR, Emmett, iron triangle ten brand, designed for Tmall for small household electrical appliances, production of products with C2B. The first new commercial enterprises underwriting custom mode of cooperation emerged. Design and production of customized products are based on large data Ali platform. This combination of consumer demand preferences data forecast method is