ha ha, friends if you can seriously look at this article, and can be implemented according to this, it is difficult to succeed.

      today saw a call in the middle of a friend’s message, for network marketing, he said a "diligent" word. Yes, "Qin" is indeed one of the secret network marketing. But in biaoju opinion, and "hold" and "understanding is also important".

      can do these three words, ha ha, no matter what you do, will be harvested.

      in the village, although I do is freight business, but giving top priority to a friend, certainly from the text to find their own road network.

      Qin: since last year’s may day, I believe that trade is an excellent way of marketing. I have to trade makes a serious research, set up a "signature" and other marketing weapon, in addition to often write articles, I do the most is to use keywords, such as import and export, shipping and other words to search for potential customers. The answer to each search is thousands of miles. And then be patient every few minutes or so to send a reply to a friend, patiently answer each other’s inquiries.

      for a stranger to send information, Alibaba limited, I set out on a number of trade, to turn a hair. Hair can not be issued, in addition to trade with friends hair.

      hold: insist. In the company, others are busy, my little things. I sat in front of the computer, a dozen hours a day to send information. Every day so, no interruption.

      the most difficult to adhere to is, in the hair to nearly three months later, I have contacted tens of thousands of potential customers, did not implement a customer. At that time, although I believe that this is a viable way, but to stick to it, or the need for considerable perseverance. Fortunately, good people, since five days, a stable customer I have, but this I contacted at least fifty thousand new potential customers. Coupled with the development of other companies, a total of more than a dozen online customers.

      in addition to a client who was attracted by the blog alone, other customers were found before the national day, with trade or trade links with blogs. Alas, with the wrong person, but also the loss of a relatively large customer, is a pity.

      see: Miss, please don’t threaten me with customer – slip like this but I treasure the first online customers. To this end, I heartache for a long time. But I hate being threatened, even if you threaten me with the whole company