on the Internet and fought for so many years, it is a failure. Because until now there is no success on the Internet do make me proud of things, no real earn money. The experience of success is less than the experience of failure. There are so many failures to accumulate experience, I see some things, but also understand some things. Let me reflect on a lot of things. Recently prepared to implement this forum + e-commerce business model. Because I give myself the way is arranged, has been mixed in the Internet, has always insisted on doing network marketing, electricity providers to take the road. Although I have not been successful, but I have some of their own ideas and opinions, and I hope to share with you here.

personally think that in order to do a good job in the local forum + e-commerce model, you must meet the following conditions:

first: an excellent local forum

first you have to create a good platform for the community, this excellent refers to the characteristics, but you have to think clearly, this feature is to do with your future e-commerce products and services are combined. For example, if you want to do electronic products, then you will be in the forum of electronic digital and other aspects of the outstanding characteristics of the future for you to pave the way for e-commerce. Another is popularity. There is no registered members to support, it means that you do not have the resources of the forum, there is no such registered members can not drive the development of e-commerce. So an excellent community forum to meet these two points:

1, combined with products and services to make the characteristics of

2, attracting a large number of registered members

second: e-commerce platform

has the first condition, the next is the direction of their e-commerce. Determine your products and services, the supplier of these products is the best terminal manufacturers, so that your profits will be more flexible, profit margins are relatively large. If they do not have a certain strength, and merchants to discuss the mode of consignment. Use other people’s resources, including warehouse, logistics, etc.. Your profit is the middle of the difference.

with the above two points, you can expand the local forum + e-commerce. Relying on their own platform and resources to carry out their own e-commerce. In fact, it is simple, it is not easy to implement. A single forum may require a lot of energy. If you set the goal, do not wander, bold step out, the only way you can go further.

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