The marriage of

Groupon and Tencent do not guarantee " China in the competition to win, sometimes not necessarily about the power of capital market, customer service service strategy may become the short board of Gaopeng, the fatal flaw is the cooperation between the two sides.


management scientists, Zhuo School Management Science Research Institute president Zhu Zerong the day before: the biggest difference between Germany and Chinese situation is customer service service. He said:

Germany more than 70% of GDP is generated by the service sector, the United States accounted for about 79% of gdp. The highest level in 3 years in the past 2010, the German service sector expansion rate, the service sector will continue to implement the 12 consecutive month of expansion, providing nearly 80% jobs in the United States, Germany and the United States and other countries the service system is complete, customer service service abnormally developed Groupon in Germany to take off, the main benefit foundation this kind of social service. In 2010 Chinese, Chinese service industry accounted for the proportion of GDP reached 43%, despite the government China 11th Five-Year to vigorously develop the service industry, but accounted for the proportion of gross domestic product is only 40.4% in 2004 increased by less than 3 percentage points, the service is a serious topic in China, customer service service is not good is common in all social enterprises the.

The main advantage of

Tencent is definitely not the size of the user, customer service service, in 2010 the outbreak of the 3Q war, the Tencent abandoned the user, no compensation and apology to ordinary users to charge membership service is only a small amount of compensation to qq COINS, and these compensation must be through difficult to dial the hotline the telephone, users complain has been a direct rise. It is clear that Tencent is the shortest short board service, which is known as China’s Internet giant’s company, it seems that there is no concept of after-sales service.

two kinds of factors, may accelerate in China Gaopeng’s defeat. As far as Groupon from Germany developed service market, but in the China will become unknown.

from the past few years can be found in the home appliances to the countryside, to defeat Chinese multinational appliance giant collective in Chinese countryside policy market bidding, the fundamental reason is that multinational corporations have no self perfect customer service service outlets, the lack of systematic customer service service model, only by virtue of the servicing agency recruitment in the customer service executive superficial type China service, and in the 2010 outbreak of the TOYOTA customer service service door event, HP cockroach event, KFC seckill scandal event, can be seen as multinational companies in Chinese major customer service service accident, customer service service is becoming the collective fatal defect of multinational companies in Chinese, spread quickly in the market and users.