day before the domestic electricity supplier industry once again staged a new price war: old home appliance retailers Gome vowed to "comprehensive online and offline prices lower than Jingdong", and said "if you find an internal system which is three times higher than the price for the Jingdong, responsible directly to pack up leave, a time triggered concern.

however, in the face of the electricity supplier price war as one falls, another rises, especially some of the electricity supplier in the promotion cheap trick, so many users have been fatigued". Experts stressed that the electricity business expect to get rid of the price war quagmire, and effectively improve the quality of service, from price competition to value competition.

the United States put relentless: the price is lower than the full

of Jingdong

recently, the United States issued two series of high-level internal mail, pointed out that the second half of this year in the premise of keeping the line leading competitors, Gome online also when stepping on the accelerator, and the Jingdong as the main competitors.

Gome President Wang Junzhou

within a clear message that the United States in terms of price, to comprehensive benchmarking online, requires lower price than the Jingdong, establish the United States cheap benchmark image". This is regarded as to the Jingdong issued a general order.

online Gome chairman Mou Guixian subsequently issued an internal e-mail that the United States online all the business system, be sure to implement the whole network lowest "principle, according to the product portfolio, to the lowest price adjustment; at the same time according to the Jingdong, the fluctuation of price adjustment at any time; which system of high prices, which will solve the problem immediately and resolutely put the price down, three consecutive price higher than the Jingdong, they pack up and leave.

for Jingdong, the United States launched a price comparison service smart buy, the price range includes all the electricity, 3C and other products. Smart buy through technical means, the timing of the Jingdong to grab the commodity data, commodity prices lower than Jingdong with the same commodity, the page will automatically display the results of the United States online goods and Jingdong parity.

In addition to the challenges Jingdong

in the price, for the 5 anniversary of the anniversary of the founding of in August 18th this year, and the launch of "Su Ning 8· the 18 strongest TV" promotional activities, Gome online also announced the start of August 15th to 20, the 818 peak of war". For a time, the domestic electricity supplier market is also more smoky.

Internet users on the price war has aesthetic fatigue

market price of the domestic electricity supplier war continuously in recent years, the major electricity supplier companies around the price to do the business, a multitude of names making Festival is too busy to attend to all people. Such as Taobao "double eleven", "618 anniversary" Jingdong, Suning "818"…… According to industry statistics, recently launched Suning 8· 18 strongest color TV month, is the seventeenth time this year, the domestic electricity supplier market called electricity supplier festival".

concern is that although the electricity supplier price war eye-catching, but some "Maoni" hidden, but the low price promotion.