days ago, with released a new "lion head" of LOGO, the three giant electricity supplier (Tmall, Tencent, ALI) war, has become a "animal world" war against Tmall and, the lion dog beijing.

business competition between the three giants of the electricity supplier seems to have become an animal world of cats, dogs, lions. In addition to Tmall’s "cat" and "dog" Jingdong, before announced LOGO new and added "lion".

the lion is the king of beasts,’s intention is self-evident: later, as the electricity supplier industry is the forerunner of the commercial retail Suning, apparently want online market to achieve latecomers become the first ", become the electricity supplier lion.

in recent years replaced LOGO frequently, this is the replacement of the third mark. As early as 2012, on the corporate logo made obvious adjustments. In 2013, Suning group and and fine-tuning of LOGO.

Time node

only from replacement logo, is in a critical period of transformation. Intended to release a clear signal of transformation and expansion. In 2012, the electricity supplier market to open a new round of reshuffle, both in the construction of logistics or business development as well as the price war, the major electricity supplier "go faster", rapidly eroded some weak electricity market share, while also in the year put forward to seize the home appliance, 3C Online shopping first chair target. 2013, once again fine-tuning logo, Suning to the outside world that its future strategic transformation and model innovation information and determination.

was held a few days before Su Ningyun’s 2014 annual conference 2015 investors exchange ", Suning founder Zhang Jindong said for the first time, Suning has waded a Internet retail road. Different times have different characteristics of development, but the core nature will not change, Suning’s responsibility is to lower the cost of providing consumers with professional, affordable goods and services."

overwhelmed again this time to replace the logo, its intention is self-evident. First, the development of electricity supplier once again usher in an important strategic opportunity. The national "Internet plus" strategy, the rapid rise of mobile payments, and constantly improve the factors such as the network shopping environment, logistics services will promote the commercial retail development entered a new climax, the continuous transformation in recent years, Suning, will be a major opportunity, the opportunity to speed up the transformation and the layout of the market the pace of.

second, with staking the major electricity supplier in recent years, such as accelerated online O2O integration and logistics war, to the countryside, layout of cross-border electricity supplier, the effect will gradually appear, the electricity supplier will usher in the transformation pattern and the mode of. Suning took the lead in making the layout and transformation, intended to release a signal of change to the outside world.

again, for, the replacement of LOGO, will achieve a unified online and offline, offline stores will also use