e-commerce is the modern way of business activities through the computer communication network, the way the biggest advantage is that it breaks through the traditional commerce in time and geographical constraints, convenient, emerging e-business mode fast, and safe, the A5 station long network SEO diagnostic team (http://s.seo.admin5.com/seozhenduan/) simple talk the development of electronic commerce issues.

in less than 20 years, the Internet set off a whirlwind in the world. The global Internet users more than 2 billion, that is to say each one out of 3 Internet users, and this is just a beginning, in the next 10 years, with the rapid economic growth China, broadband is also accelerated, according to the national Ministry of information report: Chinese will achieve the city before 2020 with unrivalled speed to 20M, the township broadband speed to 4M, the ambitious plan that will promote China users greatly enhance the number of users will increase. But the electronic commerce, we can say is a product of the Internet, with the development of the Internet, the rapid development of e-commerce, but also conforms to the law of social development, so there will be a lot of people into the electronic commerce circle inside. Ma Yun said the next 10 years is the stage of rapid development of e-commerce. Liu Qiangdong said 10 years of e-commerce will occupy 30% of the market share, it gives us a wonderful dream, so in the next 5 to 10 years, e-commerce in the end will show how the trend of


one, the next 10 years e-commerce prospects unlimited

the words of others can only be used as a reference, to think about their own sober perception Chinese e-commerce in the future, we must first understand the status quo of the development of electronic commerce is what I like, and then we will be better for our future to outline a blueprint. At present, the user is on the rise; according to the statistical information of the relevant departments, Chinese now netizen of nearly five hundred million people, mainly concentrated in the age 18-35 years of age among the crowd, they contact new things more, cultural education is generally good, so these people contact network is the largest group of people, their work most of the computer, whether it is in the mail, meeting minutes, send manufacturing report and so on, will replace the traditional meaning of the electronic paper work, for the development of the business is a progress, a role.

two, national policy support

with Chinese into WTO, we increased trade and foreign exchanges, some behavior of foreigners, will also affect our behavior inadvertently, when we see a foreigner with a notebook computer, we will go in this direction to go, is on when we see their use of electronic commerce the office, we set the pit will also change, so now also increased the pace of legislation on electronic commerce, protect the legitimate rights and interests of users are not infringed, but also the introduction of "201>