Taobao mall on the storm has made even battered large sellers and related enterprise employees of the tug of war both terribly fatigued, exactly how long it will last, or toward how to development is difficult to fathom. This blogger is to investigate the problem, Taobao new regulations are reasonable? Ma’s decision is and as many small sellers Taobao said the Department "burn the bridge after crossing it" / "against conscience"


it is true that Taobao’s growth and development can not be separated from the efforts of countless small sellers settled, there is no small sellers, Taobao is likely to reach the current electricity supplier market share ratio of 80% of the impressive results. Today, Ma categorically introduced new regulations, the price increase is too high, but also touched the seller is the most sensitive nerve of interest, it can be said to have a lot of small sellers have a devastating impact. Many shop can direct the closure. From this point of view, the new regulations issued by the way it is improper, not only to the vast number of small sellers of any buffer time, there is no other auxiliary a matter of expediency.

however, Taobao mall in recent years fraud complaints surge phenomenon is an indisputable fact, from the external business environment of competition, in recent years, Jingdong, excellence, Dangdang and other B2C platform market share expansion, the development of the old Taobao mall is look at fiercely as a tiger does. The electricity supplier market competition has entered the two or three enterprises fight at outrance situation, if Taobao is not for internal rectification still will be bogged down the development of dragons and fishes jumbled together. Occupy such a high proportion of electronic business platform boss if you do not carry out internal rectification and integration, for the development of China’s electricity supplier market and there is no benefit.

In order to raise the overall quality of

sellers, eliminate the internal integrity of chaos, the seller through the price lever to adjust the internal rent, is a way of Taobao internal optimization, within the scope of the regulation itself belongs to Taobao. This is also within the scope of the market economy self regulation. Mall stores up to rent behavior itself is a very common phenomenon, Ma as a businessman should not bear the "unconscionable" reputation. And an entrepreneur’s decision is right or not, it takes time to verify. This is why Ma also adhere to the "persist in wilfully and arbitrarily".

if the business any price move will be back "unconscionable" blame, then we around a lot of goods every hour and moment in the price, but also can not afford to pay the rent if the merchants are to hit the mall inside other shops to protest, then life’s violence will be endless. The problem directly relates to the interests of the majority of small sellers of vital importance, protests and conflicting emotions are understandable, but the mood is not normal by reasonable way to vent out, this kind of network violence is no good for the event of any party, the collective behavior of small sellers but on the other hand has exposed Taobao internal confusion and lack of norms of behavior.

for the long-term development of Taobao, the price should be the means of market regulation, but whether it can become the trump card by rectifying the market, the rent.