text / Wang Liyang


argument about the derivative has intensified, criticism, also highlighted the sound. There are too many onlookers in the micro business concerned can do, there is no prospect of the problem. Look at a case of wealth, is not really into the heart, and when later found, micro business has not imagined so beautiful.

micro business must first put the mentality problem. Business stall is too big, like tennis, while WeChat’s table is too small, the most is a table tennis table, table tennis table used to play tennis, which in itself is very pull something. So, don’t expect to become the mainstream of micro electricity supplier, what the overthrow of Ali, YY is OK, but not the reality.

do not expect to do micro business to get rich, good stories are carefully packaged to deceive children. Of course, does not mean that no derivative of a chance to see his bad side at the same time, also found the potential opportunities for doing business, micro sideline can still earn extra money, once the micro business as the main industry, a close call.

why is not suitable for micro business to do the main industry?

if there is no experience, they rush to the micro business is the main business, the risk is very large. The "derivative" the key lies in the "business", a full-time derivative will inevitably "taking" taste of infinite zoom, there must be a circle of friends over marketing situation, and the derivative is the sale transaction based on the circle of friends and acquaintances, people can only produce excessive marketing effect, you are familiar with a little too you, unfamiliar with you is you too sick, pull the black shield is the ultimate fate.

the reason is very simple, if you do full-time, can produce very urgent transactions, so it will not stop the brush circle of friends, hoping to facilitate transactions, and brush the more friends more offensive, more cannot produce trade. In this vicious cycle, immortality is also. Full time micro business is difficult to put flat mentality, attitude is not correct, will only go more biased.


do business, from the micro joining stockpile began, it means that you have a deep pit. First, close to join the fee is to tie you up, to the natural fee will not be easy to exit, at the same time, businesses can get a lot of money through the franchise. In addition, once accepted way of goods stockpile after the first home, will risk transfer to you, and you can only bear the pressure of stockpile endless scraper, also can do is wait for death.

micro business to make money, but the money is so few a few big players to earn money, earn the money come from, mostly from the bottom of the franchisee to cheat in the hands of the. Join the stockpile this way is very common in traditional retail market, while the micro also really make sense? This way unworthy "derivative" so tall on the title, only called "WeChat sellers".

acquaintances business is not taboo, trust is the fundamental development of micro

micro business is unique, give full play to the trust relationship between acquaintances, >