lead: the biggest pain point selected female bra size is. The two methods do not take into account the curvature or weight distribution of the breasts.


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this is a family of Internet thinking to create a bra company True& Co., it is a big data method to dig the user pain points.

we are a micro innovation is the domestic female underwear gangster, see True& Co. practice, I feel very surprised. Using big data to dig the user pain points, which is the most terrible weapon:

1, big data to find pain points. So far, more than 1 million women have taken part in the fit test, providing nearly 15 million data points that can be used to improve products and services. The biggest pain in women’s bra is size. Two kinds of measurement method are not considered women’s breasts radian (empty or full cup) or weight distribution (in which position the chest).

2, with big data product development. True& Co. identified 6000 different female types, classified into 8 color coded categories, each corresponding to different types of thorax and weight distribution. They found that 10 in 8 women with "strict requirements" absolute military grade of underwear and liner; 10 women in 6 prefer no lining or thin lining of the underwear; dark underwear sales volume is 3 times of light colored underwear.

3, the introduction of explosive products. True& Co. releases two lingerie brands, which now account for about 40% of the company’s revenue. A brand of "Mai (splendor) [She Walks in Beauty shadows" (+ Light)] at the end of last year and limited underwear series, containing a small amount of underwear, designed to solve the problem of common design and fit. June launch of the brand’s two Uniform is a complete transmission of True& Co. mission. This is a complete set of underwear, underwear and home service series, brings together the views of about 500000 women.

in downtown Manhattan’s Broadway area, is located in Vitoria’s s (Victoria) Secret stores, each other less than a block. In the depths of one of the stores, Michel • (Michelle Lam) holding a green magic bra. Beside the two white haired lady in front of the Fabulous series of nerve racking, a twenty year old girl in a box of Thong ($26.5 5) rummage. Lin pinched the pad, the expression on his face was disgusted and excited.

this year, 35 year old Lin founded True& Co. lingerie shop, using the power of data to improve women’s lingerie shopping experience. Today’s underwear market investigation is a rival thoroughly: America’s personal clothing city.