I plan to promote the whole network

1 customer needs analysis

1.1 vote for the investigation

1.2 hobby voting

1.3 more in order to achieve their purpose to vote

2 site positioning analysis

2.1 site positioning: Community Forum voting platform

2.2 business objectives: to help the majority of Internet users to conduct an investigation, to vote, has reached the establishment of the brand, registered members increased, and from the activities of the commission charged

2.3 web site role: to effectively absorb the rich Internet resources to get the latest and most complete business information resources

3 Precision promotion

because each site model is not the same, the road is not the same, so the user is different, so the promotion mode based on these differences is different, the whole strategy of network users are students, intellectuals. Office workers, as well as those who are keen to participate in activities.

3.1 promotion site (large forum, well-known sites)


promotion advertising, leaflets, organizing activities, mailing.

4 user conversion

with the precise means of promotion to the user to the web site, but can " user " into " potential user " is Guan Jian. Every day there are a large number of user visits are not interested in repeat customers. All

do so cast to the wind

4.1 method

4.1.1 membership points system – the function of the integral has activity points, according to carry out voting activities, participate in voting activities plus downline points, by way of pulling the line to get points

4.1.2 membership level – the level of the function of online plus


search engine optimization, SEO, Guan Jian word ranking

a, Guan Jian word choice

I analyzed it. About voting website. Baidu can search to not much. Brush brush is a number of types of stations. There is no index on Baidu. Description of this type of site. Guan Jian’s choice of words