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in the marketing base and website operations (a) about the site’s products, let’s talk about the price.

the current price of similar products on the Internet, of course, the main reason is the cost of the site itself, strength, and the site’s reputation. The main factors that affect the pricing of products depend on the cost of demand and competition.

The highest price of

products in the market depends on the demand of the market, the lowest cost depends on the cost of product development, and the final pricing is to see how the same products in the market competitiveness. That is to say in the strong competitive ability, the general performance of the advantages of the product, website click volume, then such pricing will benefit the price control, the website can generally be price positioning higher. The relative competitiveness is poor, that is, product advantage is not obvious, the site hits the bottom of the site, the general price of the product will be positioned at the bottom of some.

the combination of prices, that is, the combination of pricing. In the general network marketing, including the basic pricing, preferential prices, payment time, borrowing conditions, etc..

below is mainly about pricing strategy, and preferential policies.

Pricing: generally must be based on the cost price. In the network marketing need to consider several basic elements are: labor costs, product physical cost, promotion costs, the same product price reference, the cost of cooperation.

discount strategy: because of the low cost of the general Internet product, so the formulation of this strategy is very flexible, can be based on the cost and price of competitors to develop.

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