said shop promotion, we can not mention the promotion of soft wen. With the increasing abundance of Taobao products, network goods brand matures, Taobao shop promotion costs continue to increase. The relatively wide spread of soft text has its incomparable advantages, for example: low cost, easier to be accepted and spread by the audience, the role of sustainability, etc..

often stroll outside Taobao BBS forum, you will see Taobao shop owner to do their own shop to do the promotion of soft text, most of the text directly with the shop link. My personal view is that this is not desirable. The moderator of the Forum on Taobao store promotion information is very antipathetic, as long as the relevant words, will be mercilessly deleted, so that such a soft but not soft.

do soft Wen promotion, first of all to promote their own information to find a good landing point, that is, the customer with the soft information to find the target product promotion. When I first built 29 shopping network mainly to do the promotion of soft paper spread out, in some forum posts, which included the names of the site, without any links to the reader through the Baidu search 29 shopping guide network first arrangement is my site. After a few days, this post was a lot of webmaster reproduced, but also to help me do the publicity. Here, my soft Wen promotion landing point is Baidu search engine, is quite clever.

write soft promotion information, should be targeted. You are to write their own product user groups to see, always remember this, only in this way can produce good results. Do you can not write a woman’s concern about the soft men, men do not want to write the best weight loss skin care articles. Clear their consumer group is quite important, otherwise it will vary widely.

written a soft Wen, but also to find a good point of the platform to spread it out, in addition to considering the popularity of the platform, but also focus on the promotion of the crowd gathered platform characteristics. People often visit this platform should be your product potential consumers, spread out through such a platform, in order to achieve the purpose of your promotion.

soft Wen promotion does not have any fixed formula, in addition to grasp the above points to pay attention to, but also more exploration, continuous innovation, with creative thinking, can write more novel soft.

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