The United States

June 27th news letter Financial announced the completion of tens of millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing, this round of financing by the BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) and meihua Angel venture capital lead investor, venture capital and atom pottery stone capital with the cast, financing mainly for the development of products and technology. Previously, the United States and the United States to obtain financial micro channel independent directors of the angel round of investment.

finance was founded in New York in July 2015, is a cross-border financial investment platform, the main business of overseas asset allocation, is committed to the millions of Chinese at home and abroad docking safe, transparent and stable professional overseas investment banking services.  

with the rise of China’s economy and people’s income level, many people have formed a sense of overseas investment philosophy. Although the overseas financial products have strict supervision, the underlying assets of high quality, stable returns and other advantages, but the investor is asymmetric information, the investment threshold is high, professional channels such as the lack of distress, often inaccessible.

according to the founder of the United States financial letter Diao Shengxin introduced, based on a fixed income class, only $10 thousand low threshold entry mechanism, making overseas investment closer to the Chinese people’s investment habits". In addition, investors only need to register online letter of credit investment account can choose products, the shortest time 3 minutes.

in the asset side of choice, beautiful letter for each investment project funds are strictly regulated by the independent third party organization, project independent, strictly avoid pools of capital operation, ensure that investors and financial security accounts.

professional operation requires a professional team, the founding team has been in the United States, New York, Hongkong, the top investment bank for many years, overseas financial experience is more abundant. The consultant team strength can not be underestimated, such as former UBS investment banking joint global president and former Morgan Stanley fund service chief operating officer, Chinese project director, Harvard University Ash center micro public bank independent director.

this round of financing lead investor, BAI founding and managing partner Yu Yu said, BAI firm and long-term bullish on the track. Whether it is short-term demand for the Chinese currency or the depreciation of the RMB market demand for the allocation of foreign currency financial assets of the new middle class, Chinese capital tends to be an international vision."