"I’m not in self play!" on March 7th, the delegation of Beijing NPC and CPPCC resident of New World Hotel popularity, chairman of millet, Lei was slightly wronged explained.

it happened two days ago, at a news conference broadcast in CCTV NPC and CPPCC, chairman of millet, Lei deputies suspected of holding millet 5 self, successfully steal the spotlight, was friends dubbed the "self emperor" of the title.

"I just want to take photos of the Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli delivered a report to mark, tiandeliangxin, Ma Huateng can testify! As early as NPC and CPPCC before, some people laugh at me, don’t accidentally became a new expression package, indeed." NPC and CPPCC attended the media interview Lei Jun, to clarify the self prove innocence, attracted the audience laugh.

but relaxed atmosphere and did not hold for a long time, the media for the development of the current situation of millet soon became the subject of questions to Lei Jun. Today, the past is the development of ultra-high speed millet, has encountered the bottleneck of growth, the sales growth is less than expected, followed by millet also suffered a domestic mobile phone brand common problems – lack of research and development, lack of innovation, patent problems.

in 2010 from the Jinshan Lei Jun, the founder of millet called the two venture, the goal is to develop into a great millet company. A full 5 year plan in the past, Lei Jun inevitably asked "millet development is in line with expectations of the proposition".

"over the past 5 years, there is no doubt that millet created a miracle, the sales revenue is the fastest growing enterprises are $1 billion and $10 billion level, access to the capital’s approval; the next 5 years, millet really want to do is to create a miracle, but the country to promote the new campaign to promote the supply side reform." In the interview, Lei Jun repeatedly stressed that the next one or two years, the most important thing is to make up the short board, lay a solid foundation.


is good at telling jokes Lei Jun, in the eyes of the outside world, has not see too many "retreat" feelings, is a more open, more know how to reflect the product manager, which represents the maturity of millet.

denied millet lack of innovation

is obviously the Lei Jun admits. Just one hour interview, such as "good" and "lay the foundation" words like, at least is mentioned 5 times.

2010 left Jinshan founder of millet, Lei Jun just over 40 years old, forty ". Lei Jun millet himself admitted that his two venture, and last business, is the accumulation of 20 years of business experience, "a new test to accomplish the whole task at one stroke".

2013, the main Internet cheap mobile phone millet shipments reached 16 million 500 thousand units, the rapid occupation of the place in this industry. Into 2014, millet shipments burst table, the second quarter of this year, millet mobile phone shipments for the first time beyond Samsung, sit on the throne of the country’s first.

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