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comes from a reader’s question about the overall view of operations. But the overall situation of this thing I want to say it is a bit difficult, so I try to use the perspective to solve this problem.



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make up a story

said the first one piece, this piece is part I, any similarity is purely coincidental.

is such an Internet company, do is life service platform business, B business cooperation has many, many of these types of businesses, hotels, restaurants, what ah ah ah what are the bath center.

one day, the boss in the operation Department of the meeting prompted by a sudden impulse.

boss has been very tangled, feel that the information on the platform is not comprehensive enough, so in the category of life services, the share will be affected, so at the meeting, the boss:

must strengthen the construction of information, information to the full, fast, accurate.

operating Department of Wang feel that our information is not incomplete, but too much, and the boss to discuss:

boss, our information is not so bad as you say, can you give an example?

The boss waved his hand:

how bad is not bad ah?!?! I see our own information, you see, the restaurant menu is not complete, the hotel did not explain is not independent of the mirror, bath center is only one bath owned, why can’t the hall with what brand of TV is also used the projection to say clearly?

Wang surprised:

The boss of

, a menu of this thing, not so important? There is no independent Chuanyijing, is not important, bath center, well, do people do it because the hall consumption decision by projection or


boss said:

no, I just ah, a menu can first order. If the picture is better, the hotel has no independent mirror for business people very embarrassing thing, go out precisely dressed? Right? Of course, bath center, projection than the TV to see cool ah, but also a brand, is also very important. You ah, is not professional! Even I can not convince, how to make users satisfied ah?!

Wang will back down indefinitely.

well, for such a story, what do you think we can look at it from the perspective of


first talk


for a fool!

did not know that since we do life services, we should strive to meet the needs of users, even if it is difficult, but also