how to write a soft Wen, for the first time to write the soft Wen of the author, there is indeed such a doubt, a superior soft Wen is time to hone and carefully conceived results. For the first time to write a soft Wen, want to get high click rate, is a very difficult thing, what are the rules, everything has its own law of development, to explore these buried in the depths of the law application in the practice of writing, more attention to details, even if the work force is not deep. May also create a good soft, then, a soft writing, we need to pay attention to what the details of


is the first choice, is quite a headache thing. All readers are definitely not buy it, mediocre in the forum is also a reflection of peace. Therefore, the soft material in the selection must be true, at least the fictional story is based on real life, so as to be convincing. How to select materials, there are many kinds of channels, the most common thing is to find the relevant materials on the internet. The Internet as the fourth media of modern news dissemination, the fast and other media can not match, especially the Internet is the mass media, white said that with micro-blog, almost everyone can publish news. Only a short while ago, newspapers and other media in the form of text is weak, but many people still love to capture the news in the newspaper? This is why, because the network news is too complex, but many articles are material, difficult to be regarded as the genuine article, the newspaper is different, there are strict auditing system, there is no news of certain it is difficult to go up, at the same time, along with the network management system specification, some sensitive topics will be filtered out, write the purpose of soft propaganda selling point, we do not need to eye effect and sensitive topics. So, instead of looking for a topic on the Internet, it is better to be edited by the media and other newspapers too much to find the theme. The newspaper is the cost and space limitations, for a hot topic will definitely not like network flooding headache, at the same time, not half of the news point is difficult to audit through the newspaper, so, in the creation of the soft, spend a little time reading the newspaper, as long as the heart, always find a topic of concern!

secondly, how to let the soft writing full of life taste. Just a soft article should have a commercial flavor and taste of life, in order to write a wonderful chapter is really not a simple thing. How can the real life with? In fact, our daily life is everywhere in the soft shadow, walking in the street advertising, do car advertising, and even his family would say some discounted promotional messages in chat, in a materialistic society, we are also consumers, make the advertisement propaganda inadvertently, as long as you like a commodity, is not to have friends or relatives who thought. So, out of the net on the Internet to find the narrow road, and the family, and friends gather together, chat, often inadvertently found a flash of life. Of course, a busy life every day and friends get together, but I think most of them have the experience of going to the market, in fact, as long as the heart, but also can find a lot of interesting phenomena, do not believe, >