in May 17th, CCTV’s "focus interview" column broadcast "alert Internet map leaks", reported the "Moonlight Forum" website marked Google Earth map allegedly leaked news.

With the popularity of

, the Internet map website today, more and more people from the network search traffic routes, watch the satellite image with high resolution even mark their love attractions, share the landmark information and global users. However, in order to bring convenience to the public, some netizens on the map of the Internet has led to a number of national secret information was leaked. From last March to March of this year, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping and other departments of the national geographic information market special rectification, network leaks become the focus of remediation.




"Moonlight Forum" to disclose classified geographic information with

April 2010, the Shenzhen municipal planning and land monitoring team according to the masses, found a "Moonlight Forum" website, there are a lot of geographic information classified behavior. It takes a large amount of information on the website of the national military, such as airports, ships and the garrison of the landmarks in the map display.


forum is a military enthusiasts frequented the network community, set up a "Chinese nuclear test explosion site", "China Military airports" and "around Beijing military region", "China military facilities collection" eight sections, brought together all information released by users and sorting. Compared with the general military forum, the most prominent feature of the moonlight forum is that it is directly linked to a foreign map site search engine. Users can browse through the client software free high-definition satellite images around the world, and above the geographical coordinates of military sites and related information.

tracking through the network, law enforcement officers found the moon forum website leader Xiao dragon, notify him to cooperate with the investigation. Little dragon is a 27 year old young man, currently working as a programmer in a network company.

dragons are a map enthusiast and military enthusiast. He admitted that he has provided a network platform for users to publish military information classification and sorting. But for law enforcement officials said the leak problem, little dragon do not understand, everyone can see the satellite images on the Internet, and their friends are just a little bit of coordinates and information, how to become a leak it?

deputy director of the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping, a regional satellite image displayed on the website or aerial images can not be called electronic map, because it does not coordinate, it is not human, natural, or marked on the property, but once you have taken some geographic coordinates to be confidential military facilities in the it will appear by region, leak.