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" in the New York Times reported on May 5th, Microsoft announced to give up suddenly over the weekend after the acquisition of YAHOO, outside of the acquisition of failure There were many discussions. Related parties have reason for the failure of YAHOO co-founder, CEO Yang Zhiyuan (Jerry Yang) Monday said in an interview, in the negotiation process, "he always hold a sincere and frank attitude".


claims to be honest

Yang Zhiyuan, in this interview, talked about Microsoft’s unexpected acquisition of YAHOO and the ensuing three months of acquisition war. Yang Zhiyuan said, in the Microsoft YAHOO deal, he always hold open attitude, but Microsoft CEO Steve · Ballmer (Steven A. Ballmer) finally refused to contact with YAHOO, and there is no explanation of the circumstances, on Saturday suddenly announced to abandon the acquisition.

Yang Zhiyuan said: "we will open the offer, they chose to leave, they do not want to continue negotiations. Personally, I think we have adopted an open and honest attitude from the beginning to the end. We just feel that the actual value of YAHOO is higher than their offer." Yang Zhiyuan this position and the existence of a contradiction between Microsoft consultants and senior statement. They said that in the Microsoft made three months after the transaction, YAHOO did not counter-offer.

stock prices must remain $37

Microsoft consultants and executives also revealed that Yang Zhiyuan and YAHOO’s board of directors raised $37 or more than $37 per share, and ultimately refused to make concessions on other Microsoft quotes. Yang Zhiyuan and YAHOO co-founder David Filo · (David Filo) on Saturday at Seattle Airport and Ballmer and other Microsoft Executives meeting, at that time, Microsoft will offer up to $33 per share. However, YAHOO’s two founders said the Board authorized them to keep the stock price at $37 per share.

after the meeting, Ballmer wrote Yang Zhiyuan a letter made public, the letter said that Microsoft to abandon the acquisition of YAHOO, while YAHOO did not accept the offer disappointed. In an interview Monday, Yang Zhiyuan and YAHOO chairman Roy Bostock · (Roy Bostock) said, they hold a sincere attitude of negotiations with Microsoft, in the process of negotiation, they hold an open attitude from first to last, willing to accept the merger with Microsoft.

outlook for future development

Yang Zhiyuan said he had met privately in the face of Ballmer, but the two can not end the differences between them. Yang Zhiyuan also looks forward to leading the development of YAHOO as an independent company arduous task. He said: "I think we have a responsibility to continue to build shareholder values, which will bring a series of challenges we must overcome. We have to prove to the world that we used to be three