1 WeChat public number open custom menu certification number can enter the jump URL  

February 12th news, WeChat public platform announced that the public platform to further open the basic capabilities of all public numbers to open a custom menu function. Edit custom menu features can choose to jump to the page and send messages two actions.

to "jump to" all ", the public account can directly select the custom menu in the graphic message material in the library as a jump to the page object, certification subscription number and service number can directly enter the URL; for" send information ", all public numbers can send information including text, pictures, voice and video and text messaging, subscription number unauthorized users temporarily unable to support text types.

2 starve timid support dead bold! See how others make money investment domain name  

news February 12th, before the 4 digital domain name 6262.com for a year the price rose 170 thousand yuan, and received a lot of attention of rice farmers, similar examples in the domain name market there are many, why the domain name price increase they can be so large? Who can decide the price of the domain name domain name? Investors think. M value of the domain name, in fact, is largely determined by the sellers themselves.

do you dare to sell 360.com for $100 million,


in November last year, the 3 digital domain name 222.com was traced to the price of 5 million 300 thousand yuan transactions, and in 2009 the price is only $45 thousand, about about 300000 yuan, 5 years directly rose 5 million yuan. 222.com why can so cock? But in recent years the digital domain name market unpopular, prices continued higher objective reasons, a bold bid for sellers is probably a major cause.

3 Tutu: online social picture barrage two months for ten million angel investment, the valuation of 100 million  

Tutu is a focus on segments of the mobile terminal image social applications. From its name and Logo can be seen, this is a Tucao function as the entry point of the product.

was originally Facebook to $1 billion acquisition of Instagram has now grown to a valuation of $35 billion, the number of users over 200 million of the company, but also carrying the largest picture of the social market abroad.

fortunately, because you know, the normal use of Instagram at home and not, it also makes a lot of entrepreneurs want a share in this market. Including the focus on brand filter Nice, social force women’s fashion brand IN, and it had become fashionable for a time picture voice pops social applications etc.. It is interesting that the domestic picture does not send social