June 14th, the internet name and digital address distribution agency, non-profit international organization ICANN said it’s in the new global top-level domain name of the global application list, received a total of 1930 new top-level applications.

ICANN earned a lot of money, only this battle, it will be about $360 million in the bag. But not only ICANN, but also companies like the zodiac.

, according to Li Xiangjian, vice president of the company, said the company will soon announce a new generic top-level domain name by ICANN, the company successfully raised $20 million. In 1930 generic top-level domain, we get a total of 18 generic top-level domain name, which is the core assets of access to financing." Li Xiangjian said.


executive director Zhuang Zhenyu will be their business and to the next level: "ICANN announced new regulations, the Internet industry is China ’40 years of opportunities.". In the past, the allocation of core resources and rules of the Internet are dominated by the United States, and this time, China has the opportunity to participate in the first."

Zhuang Zhenyu called the Internet core resources, including the root server, but also includes IP addresses and top-level generic domain name. In other words, ICANN announced new regulations, but also led to a consolidation of Internet frontier war.

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calculated by $185 thousand per domain name, if all of the successful registration of the application domain name, ICANN will receive $350 million of funds. Among them, Google spent $102 to apply for the top 18 million 870 thousand domain names, India giant Directi group to spend more than $6 million to apply for the top 31 domain names.

But Li Xiangjian added:

ICANN received more than $350 million, $185 thousand is in the absence of competitor price, if the same generic top-level domain has two or more than two organizations registered price competition, take the auction, the highest bidder.

, for example, the ".Weibo" top-level domain name. In this regard, China’s Tencent and Sina launched a fierce bidding, Li Xiangjian expected that the current price of the most common domain name for millions of dollars. In addition, Tencent and Sina also compete for Chinese generic top-level domain name. Micro-blog". The ICANN organization for the first time to open the top Chinese domain name registration.

reporter learned that, in the 1930 domain names, there are 751 competition, more than the total amount of application of 1/3. Among them, the most intense competition domain name suffixes are:.App,.Home,.Inc,.Art,.Blog, etc.. The successful registration of enterprises or institutions, in addition to pay $185 thousand registration fee, each year to pay $25 thousand for each domain management fee. This is ICANN, it is a lot of money.

China region of the application domain