It is difficult to

the initial logon Philharmonic live users from one like "beauty" and as public comment website to know this company what to do, of course, it is difficult to see a clear future profitable, but the Baidu was born in and out of the Baidu project has been support Baidu Robin Li, he believes that even if a Philharmonic live, will become the Chinese Internet and a large platform company.

this is called "is still in the early" project won the IDG and Qiming two more than $50 million investment. Especially IDG Li Feng, partner of the company said, this is the earliest Philharmonic live in Chinese investment Internet Co established the risk investment fund in the history of Chinese TMT in the area of the biggest investment of more than $30 million.

in the Philharmonic live on this project, Baidu still inherited his consistent style: only the investment of intangible assets, but in the holding position.

this is the new direction of Baidu in the field of e-commerce. For Baidu, the field of e-commerce is the heart of the pain, "ah" and "cool" music has failed to do e-commerce outside judgment of Baidu are "Baidu EC gene". However, Taobao has started cross-border, Amoy network is the biggest beneficiary in the electronic commerce in the future war, search Taobao to bring the commercial potential of the Tencent has been fleshed out, they had in e-commerce and search the long-term layout, although still not so successful.

, Baidu’s revenue in the only missing a piece of electronic commerce, which is the future of the Internet, the explosive growth of the field — Baidu couldn’t ignore.

, however, Baidu is concerned, how to make money from e-commerce?

out of system survival

On the one hand

greatly improve the user experience, on the one hand, the maximum expansion of the next line of business, which became the Philharmonic live CEO Cai tiger (micro-blog) two key work now.

e-commerce for Baidu is concerned, can not give up the direction. Baidu had previously in the yes, music cool days, Yao point 100 failed to achieve success. This time, Baidu gave up the move things entity B2C, but turned to service class O2O.

In April 2010,

took over the "ah" in front of Baidu alliance leader Cai Hu, Robin Li saw the candidate, because the Baidu alliance with a normal people and businesses are very good at dealing with the earlier in DELL (micro-blog) in charge of fmcg. Robin Li on this project’s judgment is that a few years ago is very difficult, big investment, cultivate the market, once made, will be a huge platform, will want to talk with others Yiqijuechen, with No.

this judgment comes from, most of the line business and have yet to make their business on the Internet, the Philharmonic live as well as the opportunity to become their "net" Guide – just as Baidu search keywords > around widely sold