China IT circle 10 Super wealth elite beauty


graphic: first Yan Wang Jia: network security industry the first female

Wang Jia Yan

was born in scholarly background makes looks like a typical Jiangnan woman, gaunt face, long hair, little and dainty, gentle and soft eyes.

Wang Jia Yan Notebook:

1990, graduated from the Department of computer science, Fudan University,

1990~1996, to master and doctorate in Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania;

was founded in June 1996 so far, Venus information technology limited company, and served as CEO.

January 24, 2000, Jiang Zemin, Li Lanqing, Zeng Qinghong and other party and state leaders visited venustech, and delivered an important speech. President Jiang Zemin fully affirmed, cordial concern and expectation of venustech.

3 years later on the same day, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Hu Jintao in Zhongguancun international software Incubation Park, including overseas Chinese students, including representatives of entrepreneurs, including Yan Wangjia. Visit the venustech company independent research and development in the international leading level in the first set of "Gigabit intrusion detection system" – day Yutian Gigabit intrusion detection and warning system, the general secretary Hu Jintao emphasized "network security is very important, and for overseas students who work to serve the motherland to give a high evaluation.

national leaders on our affirmation is also the entire returnees group affirmed that the country has a lot of good companies, but network security is a matter of national security." Yan Wangjia said.


diagram: second TOM beauty vice president von Jue

family: "Grandpa philosopher Feng Youlan, mother Zong Pu is a famous writer, his father was a university professor".

If you want to use

to describe twelve, it is not "Beijing famous dilapidated households Xifeng Feng son" that is the big miss.

‘s family background, as to learn the mercenary full taste of "economic and trade professional.

in Sohu, just started to do advertising sales. Also pro pulled a $1 million advertising sensation industry.


diagram: third Sheng Hongqin: Earn $1 billion 400 million for HP woman

on Sheng Hongqin:

Ms. Sheng Hongqin is the general manager of the marketing department of the consumer products market of China HP Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the marketing strategy and management of all consumer print imaging products and Solutions